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Click above to visit POV's Facebook page to download the New Muslim Cool Extended Soundtrack.

The extended soundtrack for the POV documentary New Muslim Cool is here!

The entire soundtrack is available as an exclusive download on POV's Facebook page. Go to Facebook now to enjoy jazz, neo-soul, world music, reggae, progressive hip-hop, electronica, some good old-fashioned Punjabi punk, with unique spoken word contributions from Q-Tip and other guest artists. Listen to this eclectic compilation album that reflects the complex beauty of our world and times.

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From left to right: Amatus, Mikaal, and DJ Soy Sos


  1. "Intro"
    Performed by Q-Tip, Composed by Amatus

  2. "It's Cool"
    By M-Team

  3. "So Clear"
    By M-Team

  4. "Sky Is Mine"
    Performed by Amir Sulaiman, Composed by Mikaal

  5. "The Call To Prayer is a Hip-Hop Beat"
    Performed by Jessica Care Moore (feat. Steffanie Christ'ian), Composed by Amatus

  6. "Radio Tuning"
    New Muslim Cool Excerpt
    By Amatus and Mikaal

  7. "La Cura"
    Performed by Puerto Rico All Stars, Composed by DJ Soy Sos

  8. "Ill 4 Life"
    By The Reminders

  9. "Gallery of Dreams"
    Performed by Native Sun, Composed by Thief & Steele

  10. "Discover Islam"
    Performed by Q-Tip, Composed by Amatus and Kenzo Digital

  11. "After Fajr"
    By Ahmad Jamal

  12. "Float"
    Performed by Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets (feat. Nassirah), Composed by Amatus

  13. "Boushema"
    By Yassir Chadly

  14. "Shahada"
    Performed by Q-Tip, Composed by DJ Soy Sos

  15. "Love Lightly"
    Performed by Amatus (feat. Wade Schuman), Composed by Amatus

  16. "9000 Miles"
    By The Kominas

  17. "Baby Cry"
    By Tasleem Jamila

  18. "PB&K"
    Performed by Liza Garza, Composed by Mikaal

  19. "Moro Boricua"
    Performed by Umar, Composed by DJ Soy Sos

  20. "Mercy"
    New Muslim Cool Excerpt
    By Amatus

  21. "Too Good"
    New Muslim Cool Excerpt
    By Amatus

  22. "King of Secrets"
    By Tarus Mateen

  23. "Green Box"
    By March the 5th

  24. "Take Me Away"
    Performed by Boaz, Composed by DJ Soy Sos

  25. "Ahimsa"
    By Jason Linder

  26. "Closing Moments"
    New Muslim Cool Excerpt
    By DJ Soy Sos and Chris Strollo

  27. "Outro"
    Performed by Q-Tip, Composed by Mikaal

  28. Learn more about New Muslim Cool. Watch a video interview with the filmmaker. View the Hip-hop timeline to gain insight into the history of the genre.

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New Muslim Cool came out of my long-standing interest in the power of pop music and culture to create social change, and a deep feeling that we urgently need to look for common ground as our world grows increasingly diverse and interconnected.”

— Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, Filmmaker

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