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New Muslim Cool

Premiere Date: June 23, 2009


Kauthar Umar's forthcoming book of photographs, islamerica, shows a contemporary face of Islamic youth and youth culture across the United States. In this sneak-preview slideshow, view 26 of the images from the book, with descriptions by the photographers.

Please see the New Muslim Cool website for more information and to pre-order the book.

Photographer and Author Kauthar Umar Kauthar Umar, co-producer of New Muslim Cool, is a New York-based writer, magazine editor and photographer whose work has appeared in ym, ESSENCE and Tokion, and her photography has been exhibited in New York City. Her work focuses on pop culture, Islam, identity and race in the United States and abroad. She holds a Masters degree in International Journalism and Public Affairs from the American University. Umar was a production fellow in the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) New Media Institute. She is a second-generation African-American Muslim.

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