Filmmaker Bio

Steven DelanoFor over 20 years, Steven Delando (Producer/Director) has studied and worked with motion pictures, playing many roles — all of them behind the camera. His studies at Providence College and New York University and work with The Denver Center for the Performing Arts have been profiled in Putting Creativity to Work: Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities. Steven has guided a wide range of dramatic works and documentaries onto screens. Along with editing America's Prairie for The Discovery Channel and the teleplays Memory of A Large Christmas and Monty, Steve directed and edited Healthward Bound, a six-part series that aired on public television stations. Steven's work has received awards from the American Medical Association, various festivals and several Heartland Emmy Awards. His first feature-length documentary, No Bigger Than a Minute, is a departure for Steven in that finally he has stepped in front of the camera to tell his own idiosyncratic story.