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Production Credits

Directed and Edited by
Nicholas Berger

Camera by
Peter Jordan

Original Score
Dylan Ris

Sound Mix
Dan Olmstead

Color Correction
Brook Hinton

Production Assistance
Anna Booth
Tanya Sleiman

Faculty Advisors
Jan Krawitz
Jaime Meltzer
Kris Samuelson

Technical Assistance
Mark Urbanek
Christian Gainsley

Homayoun Khosravi (soloist)
Andrew Chilcote
Laslo Mezo-Arruda
Dylan Ris
Marina Warsaw-Fan

Paul Parker
Phillipa Mitchel
Carri Nicholson
Veronica Carnell
Fred Chesney
Doreen Hallsworth
Harrison Martin
Lord Redesdale
Richard Foster
Tony Wilde
Marc Sanders
Larry Lehm
Irene Lehm
Ernie Gordon

May Lin Au Yong
Margaretta Berger
Henry Breitrose
Evan Briggs
Geoff Cater
Emmanuel Dayan
Kelcey Edwards
Amy Eschelman
Jeffrey Friedman
Peter Jordan
John Kane
Andy Lehm
Pavle Levi
Melanie Levy
Charlene Music
Tim O'Hara
Will Rogers
Sebastian Walsh-Mangham
Brian Wickelow
Gillian Wickelow

Thanks also to
Save Our Squirrels
The Red Squirrel Protection Partnership
The Beatrix Potter Experience
The Famous Wild Boar Hotel
The University of the Third Age

Produced in the Documentary Film and Video MFA Program
Department of Art & Art History
Stanford University

A Pinecone Pictures Production

This program was produced by Pinecone Pictures which is solely responsible for its content.

© Nicholas Berger

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Until April 10, 2017

I have always been attracted to documentary subjects that have such strong characters, visual coherence and metaphorical structures that they feel scripted. These subjects attract me because I am more interested in making morality tales than informational pieces.”

— Nicholas Berger, Filmmaker

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