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Production Credits

Producer and Director
Tod Lending

Slawomir Grünberg

Jan Sutcliffe

Music Composer
Sheldon Mirowitz

Sound Design and Mixer
Bob Edwards

Sound Studio
Skywalker Sound

Editorial Consultant
Michael Rabiger

Assistant to Composer
Andreas Bjorck

Post-production Assistant
Becca Taylor

Photo Retouching
Steve Conn

Todd S. Burroughs
Joanna Rabiger

Austin Lynes

Production Assistant
Erika Street

Final Cut Pro Consultant

Steve Siegel

MDOC Coordinator
Priscilla Doggett

Case Managers and Advocates
LaTonya S. Johnson
Marshall Cullens
Nevelle L. Thompson
Andre G. Fisher
Dave "Biggie" Williams

Dr. William Julius Wilson
Dr. James Garbarino
Jeremy Travis
Dr. Vivian L. Gadsden
Ambassador James A. Joseph
Deborah B. Prothrow-Stith, M.D.
Dr. Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr.
Amy L. Solomon

Special Thanks

Journalism Fellowships in Child and Family Policy
       Carole Guensberg
       Cathy Trost
       Beth Frerking

Maryland Division of Correction
       Jack Kavanaugh
       Stuart O. Simms
       Ron Leverette
       Carl Sondervan
       Maryanne Saar
       Frank Sizer
       Western Correctional Institution
       Maryland Reentry Partnership
       Maryland Transitional Center
       Roxbury Correctional Institution

Tuerk House
       John Hickey
       Josalie English
       Robert Thomas
       Gale Saler
       Hakim Raheem

Enterprise Foundation
       Tomi Hires
       Rada Moss
       Joanne Levy

Maryland Parole Commission
       Patricia Cushwa
       Ray Smith
       Candace Beckett
       Edward Woods
       Janice Brown Newman

Maryland Division of Parole and Probation
       Kimberley Lewis
       Lisa Nixon

Baltimore Behavioral Health
       Robert Cohen
       Kate Donnely

Baltimore Recovery in the Community
       Lena Franklin
       Wallace Evans
       Deborah Johnson

Goodwill Industries
       Lisa Rusyniak
       Anne Anthony

Wylie's Funeral Home
       Al Wylie

Sky High of Maryland
Druid Heights Transitional House
Park Ave Transitional House
Wilson Street Mosque
Blacks in Wax Museum

Joy Thomas Moore
Elspeth Revere
Kathy Im
Dorothy Peterson
Judy and Ken Ravitz
Denise Blake
Alyce Myatt
Dr. Carl Bell
Alex Kotlowitz
Lisa Haufschild
David Simpson
Eamon Harrington
Peter Thompson
Jim Morrisette
Robyn Lending-Halsten
Dean Lynes
Darya Lending

Funded By
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
The Foundation for Child Development

Our deepest gratitude goes out to Omar, Pete, their families, and all of the case managers and advocates for opening their hearts and sharing their lives with us.

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