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Film Discussion Guide

Download the discussion guide for the documentary Omar & Pete and use it for facilitating conversation about this film at home, in the classroom or at community screenings.

Omar & Pete addresses such diverse topics as family connections, housing concerns, employment challenges, and substance abuse counseling. It introduces the myriad agencies from which reentering offenders must seek help upon their release from prison. These topics and resources can set the tone for a variety of local activities using the film to stimulate local discussion, decision making, and solution-based action around reentry.

Download the discussion guide for Omar & Pete:

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Film Information

Omar & Pete (90 min.)

Premiere Date: September 13, 2005

Photos: Download Here

Trailer: Link | Embed

Filmmaker: Tod Lending Bio | Interview

Press: Press Release | Critical Acclaim


Tod Lending
Tod Lending

Film Update

Critical Acclaim

“A hauntingly resonant profile of two convicts re-entering society after lifelong stints in prison. The unprecedented cooperation from the Maryland Department of Corrections allows the filmmaker to obtain a degree of intimacy and raw power not often seen...”

— Jimmie Briggs
New York Amsterdam News

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