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Interviews: Battling Recidivism

P.O.V. talks with representatives from two of the Baltimore-based programs featured in the film to find out what makes their programs successful and their recommendations for other cities struggling with recidivism.

Omar and Pete - Rada Moss

Rada Moss,
Enterprise Foundation/Reentry partnership (PREP) Program

"What we see with Omar's experience is that relapse is real. 80 or 85 percent of our clients have substance abuse-related issues, and they have to effectively deal with them."

Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services — Partnerships for Reentry Programming (PREP) is a Department of Corrections-wide program to serve 90 percent of inmates being released.

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Omar and Pete - Dr. John Hickey

Dr. John Hickey,
Tuerk House

"Many of them do have criminal histories, and drug abuse is a big part of that. Quite often that's a real cause of their crimes. Many of our clients will come in and they've got 15 to 20 years of being actively involved in the drug lifestyle."

Tuerk House is the only 28-day residential drug treatment facility in Baltimore City. With a 70-bed capacity, the program includes an onsite detoxification and outpatient service.

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