Only the Young

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Film Update

In July 2013, the filmmakers gave POV an update on Garrison, Kevin and Skye, the subjects of the documentary Only the Young.

In July 2013, Only the Young co-director Elizabeth Mims gave
POV this update on Garrison, Kevin and Skye:

Kevin and Garrison are still close. I think Skye has separated a little
from the boys. Garrison and Kevin still skate frequently and have spoken
about train hopping to Portland. We were tempted to make a sequel after
hearing about their trip plans.

Kevin decided to stay in Canyon Country and get a job. His parents did
move however and sell their house. He seems happy with his decision and I'm
happy he's still around to hang out with Garrison. Just the other day we
did an interview on the radio with "Word of Mouth" and Kevin was calling
from Garrison's home phone line.

Skye decided that she can't handle getting in touch with her mom at this
point as far as I know. She has just finished graduating from high school
and although she is an incredibly strong person, she can't have her in her
life now. She is in touch with her father they spent a good amount of time
together when he was released but unfortunately he has returned to prison
at the moment. However she is happy living with her grandfather in a new
house and will venture to Europe this summer.