Only the Young

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My High School Soundtrack

If there was a documentary about your high school experience, what songs would make up the soundtrack?
The music in Only the Young adds an integral piece to the sun drenched Southern California coming-of-age stories of Skye, Garrison, Kevin and their friends. POV wants to start a larger conversation about the role of music in documentary, by inviting you to share your "High School Soundtrack."

Check out the curated playlists below from documentary subjects Skye, Garrison and Kevin. Then make your own playlist by logging in to Spotify, your favorite list-sharing application or in the comments below! You can title it "My High School Soundtrack," and share it online with the hashtags: #myHSsoundtrack and #OnlyTheYoung. We'll be tracking your creations and adding them to this page throughout the month while Only the Young is streaming on POV.


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