Only the Young

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Take Action

Hold information sessions for teens on what to do to support friends in trouble (along the lines of what Garrison and Skye might have done when they saw that Kevin was cutting). With adults, experts and teens working together, brainstorm a range of options. Then let the teens map out a plan to share the information with peers.

Find ways to support mentoring programs for teens in your community. If none exist, consider creating one.

Find a way to give teens voice. This might include turning over column space in a newspaper, inviting teens to create podcasts for local radio shows, inviting teens to be regular panelists on talk shows or at town hall events or giving teens responsibility to prepare the Sunday sermon once every few months.

Host a screening where adults and teens can share their reactions to the film with one another. Consider ways to create honest conversations by creating opportunities for teens and adults who don't know one another to talk in small groups. This might include joining with a group from another town, so teens don't fear that what they say will be reported back to their parents, and so adults can get answers to questions that they have trouble asking their own kids.

Kick off a project that will ask teens to make autobiographical videos. Discuss target audience, possible venues for sharing the videos, what types of things are safe and appropriate to share and what topics or images may be inappropriate or dangerous.