Digital Premiere: March 5, 2014


Directed and Produced
Nadav Kurtz
Sergio Polanco
Jaime Polanco
Cruz Guzman

Directors of Photography
Chris Markos
Andrew Wehde
Jay Patton
Nadav Kurtz

Ronen Landa

Nadav Kurtz
Tony Gannon

Music Supervisors
Stephanie Diaz Matos
James Curd

Sound Design and Mix
Steven Vandeven

Associate Producers
Christopher Markos
Stephanie Hain
Jose Rivas

Color Correction and Title Design
Chris Markos

Sound Recording
Adam Biagianti
Zach Goheen
Jose Rivas

Production Assistant
Gaby Clingman

Produced by
Dictionary Films

Post-Production Services
Barbary Post
Static Studios

"Everybody's Own"
Written by Marc Oscorne and Tony Angier
Performed by Hand
Published by Editions Evasion Musique Sa/Mollycom
Available on Golden Pavilion Records

Special Thanks
Neil S. Zucker, Angie Berg, Yvonne Vasquez, Corporate Cleaning Services, Oralia Castañeda, Mike Kelly, Denise Schultz, Hotel Palomar Chicago, D. Lynn Winters, 1000 N. Lakeshore, 655 Irving Park, Daniel Sánchez de Miguel, Justin Staple, Jay Patton, Dictionary Films, Patrick W. O'Malley, CEB & Company LLC, Megan Mitra Maples, Bob Spector, Tim McGuire, Malik Bader, Yocheved Amrami