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Leaving Elsa

Borders are everywhere - not jsut between countries or between states. This series explores the borders people cross every day. In Leaving Elsa, (the first installment of Border Stories), we follow three teenagers as they cross the border between high school and college, with all of the challenges, emotions and obstacles they encounter. In this real-life drama, none of us know what will happen as they prepare to leave Elsa...
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Cecilia, Gilbert and Kate documented their lives in weekly video journals in the fall of 2002. Interact with one story — or all three.>>



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    You can watch the videos, listen to audio or read text transcripts —all available with Spanish translation. Just click on the words "versión en Español" in the video player window. Interact with other site visitors in the discussion boards and share your thoughts. We'll be updating the site with notes from the students later this year, so check back or sign-up for the P.O.V. newsletter so you can find out what happens to Cecilia, Gilbert and Kate in 2003.



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