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Documentaries with a point of view

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  1. American Tongues: American Tongues (video)
  2. Who Killed Vincent Chin?: Who Killed Vincent Chin? Trailer (video)
  3. Intimate Stranger: Intimate Stranger (video)
  4. She Shorts (1998): She Shorts Trailer (video)
  5. She Shorts: Two or Three Things But Nothing For Sure: Tina DiFeliciantonio and Jane C. Wagner (1998) (video)
  6. My Reincarnation: Film Description
  7. My Reincarnation: About the Characters
  8. My Reincarnation: Film Update
  9. My Reincarnation: Credits
  10. My Reincarnation: In Context
  11. My Reincarnation: Tibetan Buddhism from A to Z
  12. My Reincarnation: Links & Books
  13. My Reincarnation: Book Excerpt from “The Crystal and the Way of Light”
  14. My Reincarnation: Book Excerpt from “Incarnation” (1 of 2)
  15. My Reincarnation: Getting Started With Meditation Newsletter
  16. Critical Condition: Audio Debate: The 2008 Presidential Campaigns on Health Care
  17. Election Day: Lesson Plan: Improving Elections in the United States
  18. Election Day: Filmmaker Bio
  19. Election Day: Broadcast Links
  20. Election Day: Film Update
  21. Election Day: FAQ
  22. Election Day: Production Journal
  23. Election Day: Filmmaker Statement
  24. Election Day: Filmmaker Interview
  25. Election Day: Credits
  26. StoryCorps Shorts: The Saint of Dry Creek: Filmmaker Bios
  27. StoryCorps Shorts: The Saint of Dry Creek
  28. Ai Weiwei: Credits
  29. Ai Weiwei: Filmmaker Statement
  30. Ai Weiwei: Filmmaker Bio
  31. Ai Weiwei: Filmmaker Interview
  32. Ai Weiwei: Film Description
  33. Ai Weiwei: Photo Gallery
  34. Ai Weiwei: Lesson Plan: The Proverbial Activist: A Profile
  35. Ai Weiwei: Partner Toolkit

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