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Share Your Stories: Making America's Schools Better

Have your local schools undergone changes similar to Henry H. Nash and Harvard Park elementary schools? Was it community-led or instituted by a principal? Share your stories about improving schools with other viewers.

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Principal Kerry Purcell talks about how important it is to get parents involved in schools.

As viewers follow the two principals and their hundreds of students, they get a glimpse into the uncertain futures of both schools. The struggles at Harvard Park and Nash — and the successes forged by Purcell and Dunbar — lay bare the crises afflicting much of American public education. In these crises, we can see that the futures of millions of public school students, of public education — and of the nation — certainly hang in the balance.

Both principals in The Principal Story stress the importance of parent and family involvement in their child's education. We're curious what experiences POV viewers have had with their local schools across the country. On family night at Harvard Park School, Principal Kerry Purcell says, “We thank you so much for really caring about your children.” When was last time you heard that message from your school? What do you think parents and community members should do to be more involved with improving the education of America's children? What should schools do when families refuse or are unable to be involved? Share your thoughts and stories below in the comments section.

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Tresa & Kerry are doing a great job! Watching the film makes me want to do MORE to help those that need help! Hopefully it will do the same for others who tune in! Keep up the great work and THANK YOU FOR CARING FOR OUR CHILDREN!”

— Natasha, a viewer and parent from Waukegan, IL

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