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PBS Teachers Live Webinar: Transforming Schools

PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0 were delighted to have PBS producers and educators join them to share POV's The Principal Story in a live webinar on Tuesday, September 1 from 8 to 9 pm ET. The film paints two dramatic portraits of the challenges facing America's public schools and the great difference a dedicated principal can make. The film takes the viewer along for an emotional ride and examines what effective educational leadership looks like in the 21st century.

Principal Kerry Purcell, in a scene from The Principal Story; Courtesy of Nomadic Pictures

PBS Teachers' special guests during the webinar included: Kerry Purcell (pictured right), one of the principals featured in the film; David Mrazek, one of the filmmakers; and Eliza Licht, director of community engagement and education, POV/American Documentary. Speakers discussed the making of the film, the critical work involved in transforming schools and the wide array of high-quality educational resources available from POV.

If you missed the live webinar held earlier this month, you can still listen to the entire presentation online. Visit:

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We have no good schools without good principals.”

— Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education; former CEO, Chicago Public Schools

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