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PBS Premiere: December 13, 2001


What is it really like to live in Jerusalem? Promises offers touching and fresh insight into the Middle East conflict when filmmakers Shaprio, Goldberg and Bolado travel to this complex and charged city to see what seven children — Palestinian and Israeli — think about war, peace and just growing up. Living within 20 minutes of each other, these children are nevertheless locked in separate worlds. Through candid interviews, the film explores a legacy of distrust and bitterness, but signs of hope emerge when some of the children dare to cross the checkpoints to meet one another. An Independent Television Service (ITVS) Co-presentation and a Television Race Initiative (TRI) selection. Visit the filmmakers' website to learn more about the film.


TAGS: conflicts, israel, jerusalem, middle east, palestine, west bank

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Film Information

Promises (106 min.)

Premiere Date: December 13, 2001

Filmmakers: B. Z. Goldberg, Justine Shapiro, Carlos Bolado | Interview


B. Z. Goldberg
B. Z. Goldberg
Justine Shapiro
Justine Shapiro
Carlos Bolado
Carlos Bolado

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