Teaching The Reckoning

Law or War: The Creation of the International Criminal Court

Module one details the history of the ICC since Nuremberg and focuses on the recent explosion in international justice from the Yugoslav and Rwandan tribunals leading to the creation of the ICC. It also goes into the situation countries where the ICC is investigating or has issued indictments against perpetrators of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide: Uganda, Congo, Sudan (Darfur) and Colombia.

Teaching The Reckoning: Understanding the International Criminal Court Guide

Features include:

  • Viewing guides set context and provide discussion questions for each film module.
  • 6 original source documents deepen the understanding of the issues raised in the modules.
  • Dozens of suggested activities designed for secondary school classrooms.
  • A timeline of the history of international criminal justice.
  • An international justice glossary
  • Links to related web-resources, making it easy to learn more about the material presented in the modules.

Download the guide from the Facing History and Ourselves website.