Ask the Filmmakers

Viewer Question: I wanted to know if you have any intention on doing another autism related film. If so, have you considered the fathers' side? What are the dad failure and success stories? How have men related to their "refrigerator wives" and "broken children?" I realize many men leave. What really causes some to stay and others to leave? What can be done to improve the retention rate? Have you considered (I am sure it has been discussed) why autism only receives a fraction of the resources more "popular" diseases do? What areas of medicine and politics need a public "nudge" to do the right thing and help the helpless? Viagra had no problems with FDA approval but, to date, there is no FDA approved drug for the treatment of autism. CDC and NIHM don't even know the cause. I am the proud father of an autistic child and struggle with keeping my family life and my career in balance. I know if I had to choose - my family is my life.

Hanley: We are currently developing a follow-up film to "Refrigerator Mothers" about the current picture in autism. The film will focus on the disorder today: the controversy about cause, the myriad of unproven treatments and the financial and emotional toll autism takes on families. The film will probe many of the unanswered questions about autism today.

Viewer Question: Thanks so much for airing the program! I'm wanting to get a copy of the song that was chosen to close the film, about seeing your child someday without the cloud that surrounds their mind. Can someone tell me where I can get it?

Hanley: We too think that the closing song, as well as the other music composed for the film is beautiful. You should know that Hannah Marcus, (who makes a cameo appearance in the film and is sister to Missy), composed, arranged and performed all of the original music for the film. Unfortunately, she has yet to record these songs on a CD for all of us to hear and enjoy. You can find her other music -- and perhaps encourage her to record these songs on a CD -- at her website.