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Anu Bhagwati

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Anu K. Bhagwati is the executive director of Service Women's Action Network (SWAN), a non-profit human rights organization that advocates for and provides direct services to servicewomen, women veterans and their families. Anu is a Marine Corps veteran who left the service at the rank of Captain in 2004. Anu was the second woman to complete the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program instructor trainer school, earning a black belt in close combat techniques. Anu has a Bachelor of Arts in English cum laude from Yale University and a Masters of Public Policy from the Kennedy School of Government, where she focused on international human rights policy. Anu founded and teaches a free weekly yoga class to veterans in New York City. She is also a writer. Anu has spoken to countless audiences on the challenges faced by women in the military, including Military Sexual Trauma, equal opportunity violations, the changing roles of women in combat, the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and the VA health care and benefits system.

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