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Matt Elliott is a freelance writer and Web producer. Having spent much his career covering consumer technology for CNET.com and PC Magazine, he is helpful when the time comes to buy a new laptop, TV, or digital camera. Matt lives in Concord, NH and helps edit and produce the Regarding War website.

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The End of Regarding War
Weekly News Roundup: Taking Stock of Afghanistan, a Rare Look at the Taliban, FET Photos
Weekly News Roundup: Obama Touches Down in Afghanistan, Diplomatic Cables Hit the Internet
Weekly News Roundup: A New Date and Weapons in Afghanistan, Medal of Honor for Giunta Back Home
Weekly News Roundup: Veterans Day, Four More Years in Afghanistan
Weekly News Roundup: A New Generation of Fighters in Afghanistan, Rising Tensions in Kabul and Kandahar
Weekly News Roundup: Four More Years in Afghanistan, A Warning From Mullen, the Latest From WikiLeaks
Weekly News Roundup: Progress and Damage in Kandahar, Talks in Kabul
Weekly News Roundup: Talking in Kabul, Air Assaults, Civilian Deaths, and Iran's Influence
Weekly News Roundup: Afghan Anniversary, Pakistan's Influence, and Still No Government in Iraq
Weekly News Roundup: Still No Government in Iraq, Gates Urges More to Volunteer, Drones in Pakistan
Scenes From Afghanistan: Two Photo Collections
Weekly News Roundup: Serving Under Don't Ask, Don't Tell; Afghan Casualties and Elections; and the Children of Al Qaeda in Iraq
Q&A with Holly Pickett
Weekly News Roundup: Medal of Honor, Elections, and a Major Offensive in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and Art in Iraq
Q&A with Maria Saucedo
Weekly News Roundup: A New Way Forward in Afghanistan, an Impasse in Iraq
Three Stories From Frontline's The Wounded Platoon
Purple Hearts Elusive For Traumatic Brain Injuries
Worth a Listen: NPR Interview with Female Apache Pilot
Weekly News Roundup: Operation New Dawn, reaction from Iraqis and U.S. soldiers
Q&A with Kathleen Causey
Iraqis React to President Obama's Speech
Q&A with David Tate
Q&A with Jennifer See
Weekly News Roundup: Changes Afoot in Iraq
Q&A with Andrew Lubin
Who Cares About the Average Iraqi?
Q&A with Wife on the Roller Coaster
Q&A with Lewis Manalo
Weekly News Roundup: The End of Combat Operations in Iraq
Q&A with Stacy Bannerman
Gaining Perspective via Interactive Media
Q&A with Kanani Fong
Weekly news roundup: Civilian casualties in Afghanistan, another decade in Iraq?
Back in the news: Iran and Israel
Q&A with Tim Lynch
Weekly news roundup: Another deadliest month in Afghanistan, photos from the war, leaving Iraq
Q&A with Rajiv Srinivasan
Check your local listings: The Way We Get By encore presentation tonight
Weekly News Roundup: WikiLeaks, PFC Bradley Manning and Endgame in Afghanistan
Weekly News Roundup: Conferring in Kabul, Team Canada, and a look back at the 2003 invasion of Iraq
Weekly News Roundup: Progress, as Measured in an Afghan Wheat Field
Weekly News Roundup: Medal of Honor to be awarded to a living soldier?

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