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Q&A with Jennifer See

written by Matt Elliott
on August 30, 2010

Originally from Chicago, Jennifer See met her husband when he was an ROTC cadet at Michigan State University. Since then, it's been five moves, two kids and one continuous military adventure. Passionate about military issues and how they pertain to families, Jennifer has been freelancing for ten years, mostly for military publications, including Operation Homefront and Military Spouse Magazine. She is the current "Military Momma" blogger for the San Antonio Express-News. She graduated with a degree in Journalism from Michigan State and is currently pursuing a Master's in Counseling at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Jennifer hopes to work with military families either as a marriage or family therapist, or with soldiers and families struggling with PTSD. Jennifer will be contributing to the Regarding War blog in the coming months. As means of an introduction, we asked Jennifer a handful of questions about her husband's military service and her writing.

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Where are you from and where are you living now?
I am originally from Chicago and am currently living in San Antonio, where my husband is stationed at Brooke Army Medical Center at Ft. Sam Houston.

How long have you been a military spouse?
I have been married 16 years, 11 of those years on official active duty. But the military has been a part of my life for much, much longer than that. My husband was an ROTC cadet at Michigan State University when we met, and he had signed his life away to the Army at age 17. He took a few years off to attend medical school and was placed on a special student status during that time. So really, since I've been 20 years old, the military has been a huge force in my life.

What spots on the globe has the military taken you? What is the furthest? What is your least favorite?
We have stayed in the States during our military career. Our first assignment was at Ft. Lewis, Washington. From there, we headed to Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, and in June of 2008, moved to San Antonio and Ft. Sam Houston.

Are there further deployments in your future?
As I write this, my husband is serving his fifth deployment in six years. As long as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are going on, there will certainly be more deployments in our future.

When and why did you start writing about military life?
After my son was born, I wanted to do something that would give me a bit more flexibility than working in an office, and also wanted to write about subjects near and dear to my military heart. I began by freelancing for the Northwest Guardian, the Ft. Lewis official newspaper. Once I had some clips from that military publication, I began seeking out other military writing opportunities and it kind of snowballed from there. I've written for Military Spouse Magazine, military.com, and most recently, as a contributor for Operation Homefront Online. I have been the "Military Momma" blogger for the San Antonio Express-News since June of 2009.

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