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Who Cares About the Average Iraqi?

written by Matt Elliott
on August 26, 2010

You've likely seen news about the recent bombings across Iraq that have rattled the nation as the United States reduces its military forces in Iraq to less than 50,000 soldiers in preparation to declare an end to all combat operations at the end of the month. After more than seven years of war in Iraq, perhaps you've become desensitized to reports of roadside bombings and suicide bombers, which is why this account from a proofreader in a news agency in Iraq's Kurdistan region is so illuminating. Sazan Mandalawi feels the physical and psychological pain of Iraqis from the reports she proofreads each day.

"Not a day passes behind my desk that I do not receive an article about a roadside bomb, a suicide attack or a killing. I retype the same words every day: 'unidentified gunmen' killing a certain number of civilians and then 'escaping to an unknown location.'"

As her country attempts to right itself after years of war, Mandalawi is left to wonder, "Who cares about the average Iraqi?"

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