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I've Never Gotten a Welcome Home

by Harry Rogers | Permalink
December 16, 1996

I was a soldier in Vietnam. I spent three tours in Vietnam. When I first went over there I was a very patriotic young fool. After my first tour I had a different outlook on life. I hold life very precious to me. Regarding children and women. I've seen total degradation of complete society. I held death in my arms. I've been on death's doorstep three times. I don't regret what I did. And I don't feel sorry for what I did. But I had to live with my ghost for the rest of my life. At night. When they designed that wall I was upset at first. But after being there, and feeling it, and touching the two boys I lost there. I got a different outlook. This is something that will be etched in my life, for the rest of my life's living days. When I went to Vietnam, I was eighteen, just out of high school, when I came home I was an old man. I basically died 27 years ago. But I hold a lot of values very, very true to me. As far as life liberty, and the so-called pursuit of happiness.

I hope that someday everybody will learn to understand what that thing was about. And be able to accept us-- on full value, not just face or surface value. I don't know what more to say, except for I've never gotten a welcome home...

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