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November 09, 2009

It is late

War consumes the mind,

Writing       thinking        feeling

Why        can't        I       stop        thinking?

How will this mess -- this terrible mess,

       we're in unfold.

So many lies that have been told,

sacred lives that have been sold.

The confluence of truths and lies,

begets sweet justice

Shadows disappear in the sun

There will be nowhere to run


Assassins wielding knives,

Arabic screams

death it seems

But not this night,

a terrible struggle

a terrible     terrible struggle

A jaw strike

Pain shoots in my back,

Hitting the ground

We wrestle forever    and

for a moment

      Pistol       I must shoot the other

before he returns to help his brother

Mortally struck       he screams,

      I'm shocked that on his face       are shattered dreams

The other continues to wrestle more,

All the future       left in store

Suddenly, he rolls away,

Cannot move except to say,

"I need help."

Moving quickly warriors react

What brought on this near Christmas attack?

Moments and infinity

Comrades arrive...serendipity

Will these horrible thoughts ever stop?

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