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The Way We Get By

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dir. Aron Gaudet, 2009 (90 min)

On call 24 hours a day for the past five years, a group of senior citizens has made history by greeting over 900,000 American troops at a tiny airport in Bangor, Maine. The Way We Get By is an intimate look at three of these greeters as they confront the universal losses that come with aging and rediscover their reason for living. Bill Knight, Jerry Mundy and Joan Gaudet find the strength to overcome their personal battles and transform their lives through service. This inspirational and surprising story shatters the stereotypes of today's senior citizens as the greeters redefine the meaning of community.

Available November 12, 2009 - December 12, 2009

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A Thousand Words

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dir. Melba Williams, 2005 (9 min)

In Melba Williams' award-winning A Thousand Words, the filmmaker's father, a Vietnam veteran who has suffered a stroke, tries to recapture his war experience for his children. They discover that the true story can be found in the photography and moving images he left behind.

Available November 11, 2009 - November 11, 2010

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Regret to Inform

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dir. Barbara Sonneborn, 1999 (72 min)

In this Academy Award nominee, filmmaker Barbara Sonneborn is compelled to make a brave pilgrimage to the remote Vietnamese countryside where her husband died. She explores the meaning of war and loss on a human level and weaves interviews with Vietnamese and American widows into a vivid testament to the chilling legacy of war. These stories are stirring reminders that the battle scars are life-long, but that shared sorrow can inspire healing and reconciliation.

Available November 11, 2009 - November 11, 2010

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