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Roger and Me

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PBS Premiere: September 28, 1992


In the 1980's when GM decided to reduce their operations in Flint and set up factories south of the border in Mexico, 30,000 of the 80,000 GM workers in Flint lost their jobs. The son of an auto factory worker, Michael Moore decided to embark upon a filmic odyssey to meet General Motors Chairman Roger Smith and convince him to visit Flint for a first-hand look at how the layoffs had devastated Moore's hometown. Moore also hoped that his film would induce the government to come to the aid of the working people of Flint and other cities like it. But it was not to be.


TAGS: auto industry, economy, flint, general motors, layoffs, michigan

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Roger and Me

Premiere Date: September 28, 1992

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Filmmaker: Roger and Me


Roger and Me
Roger and Me

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