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Links & Books


SALT: A Film by Michael Angus and Murray Fredericks
The official website for the film includes a trailer, stills seen in the film, reviews, bios of the filmmakers and information about Lake Eyre in Southern Australia. "Meet the Filmmakers: Michael Angus - SALT"
Thomas White of the International Documentary Association interviews Michael Angus about his career and the obstacles he faced while making SALT with Murray Fredericks.

Murray Fredericks Photography
The photographer's official website highlights the SALT/Lake Eyre exhibition seen in the film and chronicles past exhibits. The website also includes samples of his commissioned work around the globe, reviews of his photography and a short biography.

Murray Fredericks: "Time-lapse Photography"
Fredericks explains the methodology behind time-lapse photography and offers video clips of time-lapse images seen in the film. The site also contains a link to an interactive forum on time-lapse photography.

Murray Fredericks. (Redfern, Sydney: Boutwell Draper Gallery, 2007)
This catalogue of Murray Fredericks's photography, edited by Robert McFarlane, was for an exhibition held from October 24 to November 17 2007.


Lake Eyre, Southern Australia

Google Maps: "Map of Lake Eyre:"
Use Google maps to take a virtual tour of the lake.

Lake Eyre National Park
The South Australian government's website includes information on the Park's geography, climate and history and provides visitor information.

International Lake Environment Committee: "Lake Eyre"
Visitors to this site can access scientific and geographical data about Lake Eyre.

The Wild Australia Program
The Wild Australia Program website includes links to conservation groups trying to protect the rivers that feed the Lake Eyre Basin. Visitors can watch video clips from conservation groups and look at photos of campaign efforts and maps of the Lake Eyre Basin region.

The Wilderness Society: "South Australia"
The Wilderness Society works on regional conservation efforts in Australia, and its website includes information concerning the Lake Eyre Basin.

The Spell of Lake Eyre. (Kilmore, Victoria: Lowden Publishing Co., 1975)
This book by Roma Delhunty describes aspects of the vast, unique, almost unknown Australian interior, the land which the explorer John Gregory in 1901 called "The Dead Heart." Lake Eyre itself is mostly a dry salt encrusted lake lying within the Great Artesian Basin.

Lake Eyre in Outback Australia. (Aberfoyle Park, South Australia: Oz Scapes, 2001)
A photography book of Lake Eyre by Pete Dobre.