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She Was the One

PBS Premiere: September 7, 2011 (Online Only)

Online: Sept. 7, 2011 – Nov. 28, 2017


From the moment Richard Pecorella met Karen Juday, he knew she was the one. They were inseparable until Sept. 11, 2001, the day that two planes attacked the World Trade Center towers. Richard remembers watching helplessly from his office in Brooklyn as the towers fell, knowing that Karen was at work there.


TAGS: 9/11, animation, new york city, september 11, storycorps, world trade center

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Until Nov. 28, 2017

Film Information

She Was the One

Streaming Dates: Sept. 7, 2011 – Nov. 28, 2017

Filmmakers: Mike Rauch, Tim Rauch


Mike Rauch
Mike Rauch
Tim Rauch
Tim Rauch

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