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Production Credits

Directed and Produced by
Charley Trujillo and Sonya Rhee

Supervising Editor
Laure Sullivan

Matthew Spain

Associate Editor
Linda Peters

Sound Editor
Margaret Crimmins
Greg Smith
Dog Bark Sound

Online Editor & Color Correction
Rick Brown

Audio Layback
Joe Miuccio

Online Facility
Penny Lane Studios

Associate Producer
Ross Romero

Original Music
Jerry Sauceda

Music Library
Killer Tracks

Assistant Editor
Leo Curbelo

Second Unit Cameraman
Luis "Machito" Ochoa
Frank Delgado Jr.

Image Scans
Chris Vitola

Additional Assistant Editor
Sarah Dysken

Editing Facility D-Lab, New York

Transcription Pat Casteel Steve Wylie

Thanks to:
Barrera Family
Delgado Family
Gastelo Family
Holguin Family
Lerma Family
Trujillo Family
Samantha Le
Esther and Ray Montes
Albert Solis
Rudy Rodriguez
Leon Morris
Henry Torres
Arturo Villarreal
Town of Corcoran
Asian American Filmmakers Collaborative

Archival Footage:
Barrera Family
Department of Commerce
Getty Images

Photos courtesy of:
Frank Delgado
Fred Escalante
Diego Garcia
Miguel Gastelo
Larry Holguin
Trinidad Mendez
Jesse Saucedo
Charley Trujillo

Board of Advisors:
Alfred Arteaga, professor University of California Berkeley

Chris Appy, writer

Jorge Mariscal, professor University of California San Diego

Jaime Rodriguez, researcher University of Massachusetts Boston

Gloria Velasquez, professor Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Produced in association with P.O.V./American Documentary, Inc.

Additional funding provided by:
Al Castellanos
Jerry Melendrez
Ernie De La Torrre

Eddie Ramirez and Family Joise Mendez Negrete
Ramona Sakata

In memory of Jose Gilberto Barrera and Raymond Trujillo, Charley's father

This program was produced by Charley Trujillo and Sonya Rhee who are solely responsible for its content.

© 2003 Charley Trujillo and Sonya Rhee

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