Interactive Map: Asylum Seekers

Unable to see the map? View a list of top countries of origin and the top destinations for asylum seekers.

Where do asylum seekers come from? Where do they go? Learn more about their countries of origin and their destinations and explore the latest news by country.

Learn what's been happening by exploring articles, videos, audio reports and stories about asylum seekers in each country. Keep up with news of asylum seekers in each country with RSS feeds.

Map Key:

This map shows data for the top 20 countries of origin and top 44 destination countries with the most asylum seekers claims in the year 2012.

  • Click an orange country to see the top five nations asylum seekers from that country seek refuge.
  • Click a blue country to see the top five origin nations of asylum seekers applying for refugee status in that country.
  • Countries in dark grey have both a significant number of asylum seekers coming from that country and seeking refuge in that country.