Links & Books

In addition to information about the film, the website for the film includes background information on detention practices in Europe, suggestions for taking action and a link to the film's Facebook page. Note: Some of the site's resources are in French.


Immigration and Detention Policies

Amnesty International
In addition to bringing public scrutiny to bear on specific cases of human rights abuses, this organization has reported on Europe's increasingly stringent border control policies.

Global Detention Project
This Geneva-based inter-disciplinary initiative provides research and policy recommendations on the role of detention in states' responses to global migration. Of particular interest is the body's 2011 report on practices in Switzerland.

Human Rights Watch
In addition to providing regular world reports on the status of human rights, this organization also offers substantial resources and advocacy related to asylum seekers. Of special interest is this article providing background on Roma immigrants in Switzerland like Ragib.

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
The office of the United Nations high commissioner for refugees provides a range of research and policy recommendations related to asylum and migration. This site is searchable by country and includes comments on current policies and procedures.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
This is the official site for U.S. policies related to asylum and detention of undocumented immigrants.