State of Denial

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HIV and AIDS: General Information

World Health Organization: HIV/AIDS
An overview of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and a link to the WHO's Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS.

UNAIDS: HIV Fast Facts
UNAIDS explains basic facts about HIV and AIDS.

How HIV Causes Aids
National Institutes of Health | A summary of the conclusions that HIV causes AIDS.
A rich source of information about AIDS basics and prevention, treatment, quality of life and more.

AIDSinfo is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) project providing information on HIV/AIDS clinical trials and treatment.

AIDS Dissidents
While researching AIDS online, South African President Thabo Mbeki came across several websites that put forth the theory that the AIDS virus is not caused by HIV. We present the following links to enable you the opportunity to read over these arguments first-hand, with the stipulation that POV and PBS do not endorse any of the content or arguments presented on these websites.

Peter Duesberg on AIDS
Professor Peter Duesberg has been at the forefront of a campaign asserting that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. He serves on the board of Rethinking AIDS, an organization whose president Roberto Giraldo was appointed to serve on the South African Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel. His website contains a bibliography of his publications and an FAQ outlining his position on the HIV/AIDS connection.
This website contains articles by people who think AIDS is not connected to HIV and puts forth other theories about the cause of AIDS.

Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives
This website promotes the theories presented in the book, "What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS was Wrong?" by Christine Magiorre.

Roberto Giraldo
Papers and editorials proposing that AIDS is caused not by HIV, but by repeated exposure to pollutants in soil, water, air and food.

Of Interest

The Durban Declaration
Signed by over 5,000 doctors and researchers including Nobel prizewinners, The Durban Declaration states unequivocally that HIV causes AIDS.

AIDS in Africa

Although sub-Saharan Africa accounts for only 10% of the world's population, it accounts for approximately 70% (an estimated 29 million people) of global HIV/AIDS cases. The 21 countries in the world with the highest prevalence of H.I.V. cases are in Africa, with the highest rates of H.I.V. incidence occurring in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Find out more about AIDS in Africa (and specifically South Africa) at these informative websites.

South Africa

South African Department of Health
Access a list of the people that make up the Joint Health and Treasury Task Team on HIV/AIDS posted September 9, 2003. Their report -- which will include "a detailed operational plan on an antiretroviral treatment program" -- is due at the end of September, 2003.

This comprehensive online resource sponsored by the South African government offers medical facts, legal information and an update about the government's programs.

U.N. Special Report on AIDS treatment program
This report from the U.N. from August 2003 about recent changes in South African policy on AIDS treatment features links to other country reports, information about the chronology of the treatment access debate and facts on antiretroviral therapy.

Best Articles

Village Voice -- AIDS: The Agony of Africa
This Pulitzer Prize-winning series by Mark Schoofs, published in the Village Voice in 1999 and based on hundreds of interviews conducted in nine countries over six months, covers the social, biological and human ramifications of HIV in Africa. -- Death Stalks a Continent
This photo essay by Jim Nachtwey is accompanied by an interactive map, links to articles, and a resource center with statistics on incidence rates in Africa.

BBCi -- AIDS in Africa: The Orphaned Continent
AIDS kills some 6,000 people each day in Africa -- more than wars, famines and floods. Millions of children are orphans, many more live with HIV or AIDS. This special report, with correspondents' dispatches, key facts, audio, video and interviews, asks why the devastation continues. (2000)

CNN -- AIDS: Africa in Peril
This special website is a companion to the CNN TV special of the same name. The series includes stories, statistics and a photo gallery. Researchers should check out the helpful story archive which compiles all CNN AIDS-related stories from 1995 through 1999. (2000)

News Portals AIDS News
This English-language site, a recent Webby nominee, provides a compendium of recent AIDS news stories from Africa.

Africa Portal: Health News
This English-language news portal is another good source for up-to-date news about AIDS in Africa.

Reports, Statistics & Publications

UNAIDS: Sub-Saharan Africa
Navigate through a list for information on each country's AIDS statistics and the programs of UNAIDS in that country.

The World Bank HIV/AIDS: Publications
A list of World Bank and non-World Bank publications on the topic of global HIV/AIDS.

The stigma associated with AIDS remains a persistent obstacle in promoting understanding and awareness as well as facilitating access to proper treatment. To find out more, visit these websites.

South Africa

TAC: Treatment Action Campaign
The advocacy organization started by Zackie Achmat and others in 1998. Their stated purpose is "fighting for affordable treatment for people with HIV."

Time Europe -- Heroes of 2003: Zackie Achmat
Find out more about activist Zackie Achmat in this article.

Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA)
ANSA is a non-profit organization founded and supported by artists, activists and others dedicated to furthering democracy and equality in South Africa and civil rights in the U.S.


Global Access Project, or Health GAP, is a U.S.-based organization working to eliminate barriers to global access to affordable life-sustaining medicines for people living with HIV/AIDS as key to a comprehensive strategy to confront and ultimately stop the AIDS pandemic

This new organization (started by U2 frontman, Bono) aims to raise awareness about Africa and its problems with debt, AIDS and poverty.

Live and Let Live: World AIDS Campaign 2002-2003
"Live and let live" is the slogan of UNAIDS' two-year World AIDS Campaign 2002-2003, which focuses on eliminating stigma and discrimination.

Are You HIV Prejudiced?
On this website, developed from a partnership between the UK's National AIDS Trust and the Department for Health for England, you can read stigma and discrimination fact sheets as well as true stories about experiences of HIV discrimination. Websites

AIDS and Africa

Online NewsHour: AIDS in Africa
This Health Spotlight special report provides interviews, articles and links about the AIDS crisis in Africa. (2003)

Wide Angle: Road to Riches
This photo essay depicts issues in South Africa ranging from wealth, race, AIDS, and crime. (2003)

Wide Angle: AIDS Warriors
Is Angola poised to become a testing-ground for AIDS education, military reform, and civic openness? (2003)

Now with Bill Moyers: Why the Children
Video journalist Jamila Paksima went to South Africa as a Pew Fellow in International Journalism. This Q & A and photo essay addresses the rape epidemic in South Africa and its contribution to the growing AIDS crisis. (2002)

Online NewsHour: Thabo Mbeki
The President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, discusses the challenges in fighting the AIDS crisis in South Africa. (2000)


Wonders of the African World
Host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. takes viewers on a journey around Africa celebrating the wonders of its history, people, culture and natural beauty. (1999)


News Hour Extra: Dying Young: The Fight against AIDS
A collection of past interviews, articles, and information regarding the AIDS epidemic. (2000)

NOVA Online: Surviving AIDS
This companion website to the broadcast examines new fronts in AIDS research. (1999)

NPR Stories

All Things Considered: South Africa to Distribute AIDS Drugs
The South African government has finally declared plans to distribute AIDS drugs after years of opposing programs endorsing AIDS treatment. (2003)

Morning Edition: Commentary: AIDS in South Africa
In this commentary, David Kessler discusses his visit to a pediatric AIDS clinic in South Africa where he realized the importance of providing necessary drugs to reduce the spread of HIV and to prolong mothers' lives. (2003)

All Things Considered: Bush Leaves Africa with Pledges of Aid
President Bush pledges to help fight the AIDS epidemic by working with African nations and improving their economic conditions. (2003)

Talk of the Nation: Bush to South Africa - Economics and Equity
Bush stops in South Africa on his five-nation tour where he will address the country's legacy of apartheid and economic equity. (2003)

Morning Edition: Growing Up Positive
Sharon Lerner looks at the experience of young people infected with HIV/AIDS. Listen to the stories of Siomara, Ashley, Lina, Joey, Bella and Adonis. (2003)

All Things Considered: Politics and AIDS in South Africa
NPR's Brenda Wilson reports on how South African's government is prohibiting progress in access to health care, despite the recent win over pharmaceutical companies. (2002)

Weekend Edition: AIDS in South Africa
NPR's Brenda Wilson reports on the end of the fight between the South African government and drug companies that has resulted in the decreased prices of HIV and AIDS drugs, therefore making the drugs available to the millions of poor affect with AIDS. (2001)