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Racing Dreams

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Support Young Dreamers in Your Community

In Racing Dreams, three tweens "go for the gold" racing karts in hopes that one day, a NASCAR career might become attainable. Do you know of some talented youth in your community? Learn of ways you can help them find mentors and reach their full potential!
  • Find the motivated kids in your community who need support that is beyond the means of their individual families and help organize sponsorship or raise funds. Look beyond talent in sports or performing arts to include children who might want to compete at science or engineering fairs, attend computer or math camps, demonstrate leadership in scouting or other youth organizations or who have great ideas for civic or philanthropic projects.

  • Create a website or other forum on which local kids can share their personal dreams. Share the results with local civic and religious organizations to match individual children with mentors who can help them reach their goals.

  • Use Racing Dreams to spark parent-child discussions about the relationships between the parents and kids in the film. Schedule the discussion as a precursor to a family tailgate party for a live or televised racing event.

  • Have a "girls can do anything" celebration/party for tweens during which you share the stories of and/or honor girls and women in your community who have achieved success in atypical jobs or activities.

Get informed about the issues in the film and lead a discussion in your community.

Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide

Fondly described as “Talladega Nights meets The Catcher in the Rye,” Racing Dreams is a dramatic, funny and sometimes heartbreaking look at the world of NASCAR culture as lived by three young aspirants to race-car glory and their families. The film follows Annabeth Barnes, 11, Josh Hobson, 12, and Brandon Warren, 13, as they compete in the World Karting Association’s Pavement Series, a yearlong national championship of five races around the United States.

As the tour unfolds, the three young racers step from the sheltered world of childhood into adolescence — discovering romance for the first time, questioning their relationships with their parents and glimpsing the serious obstacles that will threaten their ability to achieve their dreams. Racing Dreams is a story about hopes, values, choices and how opportunities are created and thwarted, making it an excellent springboard for conversations in the community.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will collect and analyze data in an effort to improve their performance in an interactive simulation featuring competitive kart racing.

Reading List

Delve Deeper

This resource list, compiled by Gina Blume of the Monroe Township Public Library, includes books, films and other materials related to the issues presented in the film Racing Dreams. Learn more about karting and youth in sports.

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