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Filmmaker Interviews

Horne recalls a cardboard record player she got in the mail when she was 8, and how it inspired The Tailenders.

Classroom Clips

A message is translated from one language to another, to another, showing how meaning can change through translation.

Classroom Clips

A missionary works with a man to check the translation of a recording.

Classroom Clips

A missionary speaks to a man who is helping to translate a story from Spanish to Mixteco.


Tailenders is a film about the Global Recordings Network (GRN), founded in Los Angeles in 1939. GRN has produced audio versions of Bible stories in over 5,500 languages, and aims to record in every language on earth.

  • Updated on March 31, 2014

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Film Information

The Tailenders

Premiere Date: July 25, 2006

Photos: Download Here

Trailer: Link | Embed

Filmmaker: Adele Horne | Interview | Statement

Press: Press Release | Critical Acclaim


Adele Horne
Adele Horne

Film Update

Critical Acclaim

A haunting documentary about Christian missionaries who have been traveling the world since 1939 to record and spread Bible stories in every language.”

— Nancy DeWolf Smith
The Wall Street Journal

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