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Interact with POV

The easiest way to interact with the filmmakers, characters and others associated with POV films is to post a comment on our website. Filmmakers will be reading and responding to the "Ask a Filmmaker" questions and comments during the week after their film's broadcast. Post your thoughts or reviews of POV films on the main page for each film.

You can also find us on these social networks and websites.

POV on Facebook

Show your love for POV by "linking" us on Facebook. Get updates about upcoming POV programs, sneak previews, news about local screening events and much, much more.

Follow Us on Twitter @povdocs

Join us on Twitter and get updates sent directly to your cellphone. We'll keep you up to date with the latest POV blog posts, broadcast info, notable articles and reviews, as well as information about local screenings in your area.

POV Channel on YouTube

Respond to POV films, outtake clips and other video via YouTube.

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