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PBS Premiere: August 10, 1992


We're dying in the streets — that should be against the law is the no-holds-barred attitude of the homeless men and women who are taking control of their lives and taking over empty houses in Pam Yates and Peter Kinoy's tough, effective film. Funded by Bruce Springsteen, Takeover was shot simultaneously in eight U.S. cities on May 1, 1990 as homeless people risked arrest occupying properties foreclosed by the Federal government.


TAGS: foreclosure, homeless, poverty

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Film Information


Premiere Date: August 10, 1992

Filmmakers: Pamela Yates, Peter Kinoy


Pamela Yates
Pamela Yates
Peter Kinoy
Peter Kinoy

Critical Acclaim

A stunning, hard-hitting and thought-provoking visual and verbal statement about the homeless and not-so-hapless in America.”

—Ed Kaufman,
The Hollywood Reporter

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