Directed by
Jocelyn Glatzer

Produced by
Jocelyn Glatzer
Christine Courtney

Director of Photography
Amanda Micheli

Edited by
Shondra Burke
Marlo Poras

Sound Engineer
Brad Bergbom

Principle Subject
Arn Chorn-Pond

Master Musicians
Kung Nai
Chek Mach
Yim Saing

Youn Mek
Nong Chokv
Ek Son

Additional Music Provided By
Bin Phan
Song Heng

Celestial Harmonies

Additional Camera
Jocelyn Glatzer
Allison Humenuk
Marlo Poras

Additional Sound
Victor Buhler
Fred Burnham
Sandy White
Scot Stafford

Production Coordinator
Alan Morgan

Sound Mix
Jim Sullivan, Mix One Studios

On Line
Gene Bone

Music Consultant
Jim Anderson

Sour Bunsou

Elizabeth Chey
Kowith Kret
Chat PierSath
Arn Chorn-Pond
Bunrith Sath
James Sok
Sophy Theam
Virak Uy

Demo Tape Editor
Liz Heeden

Production Interns
Anggi Jenie
Shira Gold
Meghan Hindley
Victoria Sjostrom
Andrew Walker

Legal Services
Alan Bomser, Esq.

Charles Whelan Insurance Co.
Near North Insurance Co.

Archive Footage Provided by
BBC Worldwide Archives
CBS Archives
NBC Archives
Facing History and Ourselves
James Gerrand
John Pilger / Year Zero

Still Photographs Provided By
Gould Academy
Reebok Human Rights Foundation

Super-8 Film Stock
Eastman Kodak Co.

Film to Tape Transfer
Tape House, Inc.

Title Design

Still Photography
Joanne Ciccarello
Sonith Heng
May Mantell
Lauren Glatzer

Special Thanks
Macky Alston, Sothea Arun, David Bensinger, Allison Berg, Doug Block, John Burt, Jon and Sander Capetz, David Chandler, Youk Chaang, Erlinda Chavez G., Gail and John Courtney, Scott, Teri and Briana Courtney, Ellen Daniels, Carole Dean, Sarat Doeur, John Eastman, Barbara Eisold, Lindsay French, , Ruth Glatzer, Sanford and Tania Glatzer, Margaret Harrington, Wally Konrad, Laura Longsworth, Leda Maliga, Liz Manne, Albert Maysles, Cait Murphy, Princess Norodom Bopha Devi, Jeremy Parker, Joanna Pecore, Fernanda Rossi, Naomi and Marty Rubin, Ann Seidlitz, Toni Shapiro, Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Sayon Soeun, Adam Strom, Margo Stern Strom, Ali Tenenbaum, Katherine Weedman-Cox, Diane Weyermann, Jack Wilson, Minky Worden

The entire Pond and Wilson Family

The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, Lowell, Massachusetts
Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development
The Documentation Center, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Facing History and Ourselves
Northfield Mt. Hermon School
Simmons College
Wat Bo
Wonderspice Café

World Education

With Very Special Thanks to
The Cambodian Master Performers Program and everyone who appeared in the film.
Arn Chorn-Pond
Jeffrey Spagat

In Memory of
Peter Pond
Ki Savanh
Keat Yeoum
Chhit Chorn
Chek Mach

and Arn's Cambodian brothers and sisters

A presentation of Independent Television Services and the National Asian American Telecommunications Association with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

This film was supported by a grant from the Sundance Documentary Fund, a program of the Sundance Institute.

Additional Funding Provided by
The Wellspring Foundation
The Roy W. Dean Fund, From the Heart Productions, Inc.
The Peter S. Reed Foundation
The LEF Family Fund
The Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund
Martin Spagat
Ann Tenenbaum
Joan Baez

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