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Production Credits

Produced and Directed by
Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman

Edited by
Kenji Yamamoto

Music Composed By
Fred Frith


Principal Camera
Vicente Franco

Wellington Jon Bowler

Assistant Director
Wellington Jon Bowler


Principal Camera
Marsha Kahm

Claudia Katayanagi


Location Manager
T. Jayashree

Principal Camera
Avijit Mukul Kishore

Girjashankar Vohra

Assistant Editor
Annelise Wunderlich

Additional Camera
Stacy Bloom
Richard Gunderman
Alejandro Janco J.
Javier Molina M.
Erich Roland
Ismael Saavedra
Alan Snitow
Annelise Wunderlich
Fawn Yacker

Additional Sound
Louis Block
Phil Perkins
Len Schmidt
Jonathan Silvio

On Line Edit
Ed Rudolph, Video Arts

Sound Supervisor & Mix
James LeBrecht, Berkeley Sound Artists

Sound Editor
Eli Yerbury

Additional Sound Design
John Rieger

Music Recorded at
Guerrilla Recording, Oakland, California

Sound Engineers
Myles Boisen
Jonathan Segel

Fred Frith (Bass, Drum, Guitar, Piano, Vibes, Homemade)
Sheela Bringi (Bansuri)
Heather Heise (Accordian, Piano)
Carla Khilstedt (Nyckelharpa, Violin)
Gino Robair (Crotales)
Wu Fei (Gu zheng)

Chajuram's Song
Chajuram Gujjar

Additional Footage
Don Briggs
California Dept. of Water Resources, George Madson
Centre for Science and Environment
Earthcare, Krishnendu Bose
Productores y Periodistas, Oswaldo Rioja Vasquez
Thames Water
Third Eye Communications, C. Saratchandran
Voluntarios Bolivia, Javier Molina M. & Lee Cridland
World Water Forum

James Wagstaffe, Kerr & Wagstaffe

Tony Clarke
Peter Gleick
Susan Griffin
John Leshy
Sandra Postel
Isha Ray

Major Funding
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Additional Funding
The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation
Panta Rhea Foundation
Park Foundation
Abraham and Lillian Rosenberg Foundation
The Walnut Fund/San Francisco Foundation

A full list of funders available at PBS.

Produced in association with POV/American Documentary, Inc.

This program was produced by Snitow-Kaufman Productions which is solely responsible for its content.

© Snitow-Kaufman Productions, 2004

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