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Family & Society

Family & Society

Reality television, technology and a culture that revels in onscreen soul-baring have promoted a wave of independent personal-essay and memoir films. Ahead of this trend were POV films that match intimacy with dignity, including Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter, Deborah Hoffman’s extraordinary, loving portrait of her relationship with her Alzheimer’s-afflicted mother, and Silverlake Life, a chronicle of a gay couple’s slow death by AIDS. POV continues to present stories that put a human face on our society’s pressing social issues.

Image from Ping Pong (POV 2013)

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Multimedia Timeline: Adoption in America

Multimedia Timeline: Adoption in America

Trace the recent history of adoption in America from the dramatic rise in international adoptions in the 1950s during the Korean War to the uptick in the adoption of Chinese girls after the institution of the One Child Policy in 1992 to present day.

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My Reincarnation: Full Film

My Reincarnation Feature Films

As Chögyal Namkhai Norbu rises as a Buddhist teacher in the West, his son Yeshi, recognized as the reincarnation of a Buddhist master, breaks away to embrace the modern world.

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Last Train Home: Full Film

Last Train Home Feature Films

Every spring, China’s cities are plunged into chaos as 130 million migrant workers journey to their home villages for the New Year. (90 minutes)

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Homegoings: Chat

Viewer Q&A with Filmmaker

Read the transcript from our live Q&A with Filmmaker Christine Turner from Homegoings that took place on Thursday, June 27.

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Numbers and factoids about the international model supply chain.

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Biblioburro: Full Film

Biblioburro: The Donkey Library Feature Films

Luis Soriano brings books, via two donkeys, to the poor children of rural Colombia.

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My Perestroika: Full Film

My Perestroika Feature Films

My Perestroika is an intimate look at the last generation of Soviet children searching for their places in today’s Moscow.

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Sun Kissed: Lesson Plan

In this lesson, history meets science as students investigate whether an event in the 1860s that limited genetic variation among Navajos may have led to both children of a modern-day Navajo couple being born with a rare genetic disease. To investigate this theory, students will use a basic simulation model to track gene frequencies across multiple generations.

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