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Women's Professional Tackle Football Leagues:

National Women's Football League
The National Women's Football League was formed in August 2000 by Catherine Masters, the CEO of MWI -- an entertainment marketing company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Independent Women's Football League
The Independent Women's Football League 1999 Barnstorming Tour, documented in TRUE-HEARTED VIXENS, led to a 2000 season which included 11 teams throughout the country. The season culminated in the first 'Women's Super Bowl.' Find information about the 2001 season and try-outs or read more about the history of the WPFL.

Other professional women's sports teams:

The Women's National Basketball Association
The Women's National Basketball Association was established in 1996 with the approval of the NBA Board of Governors. Since the WNBA's birth, the league has expanded from eight to sixteen teams. Visit the website for the latest WNBA news, a history of the WNBA, access to the WNBA official rulebook and for team and league contacts.

Women's United Soccer Association
The WSU launched its inaugural season in April of 2001. It is the first sanctioned Division I outdoor professional women's soccer league in the United States. Composed of eight teams, the League will feature members of the 1999 World Cup Champion team and the 2000 silver medal winning team.

Sports associations for girls and women:

The National Association for Girls and Women in Sport
In 1899, The National Associa tion for Girls and Women in Sport was founded to champion equal funding, quality and respect for women's sports programs. Their efforts have led to national championship programs in collegiate women's sports and to the passage of Title IX legislation. Thousands of physical education teachers, coaches, officials and administrators belong to the Association. Check out their

Women's Sports Foundation
In 1974, Billie Jean King founded the Women's Sport's Foundation. Their mission is to promote the lifelong participation of all girls and women in sports and fitness and to create an educated public that encourages females' participation and supports gender equality. Their web site offers a plethora of information on Sports and Fitness Issues.

The Young Women's Christian Association
The YWCA is the oldest and largest women's membership movement in the United States. Three hundred and thirteen YWCAs operate across the country, representing two million women, girls and their families. The movement's mission, to empower women and girls and to eliminate racism, is the guiding principle for all YWCA childcare, shelter, health, fitness and social justice programs. Fitness and sports programs are a major focus of the YWCA national office. These programs emphasize making sports accessible to underserved girls and women.

Learn more about Educational Amendment Title IX, enacted in 1972, which mandates high schools and colleges to provide equal opportunities to men and women:

Title IX
Read the entire amendment of Title IX in its final form on the site for the Department of Labor. Learn how it was intended to impact women in education and athletics.

Title IX: 25 Years of Progress
The U.S. Department of Education produced this report in June 1997, 25 years after Title IX was passed. There is an introduction by the former Secretary of Education Richard Riley and an overview of the legislative road to Title IX. However, the bulk of the report is a section entitled HOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS UNDER TITLE IX which contains numerous facts and figures.