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1999 Programming

FRONTLINE: Secrets of the SAT

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Frontline: Secrets of the SAT
October 5, 1999
Just days before a national SAT testing day, PBS will broadcast FRONTLINE’s hour-long program “Secrets of the SAT.” FRONTLINE, WGBH’s award-winning documentary series, tackles the controversial criteria traditionally used in the college application process: test scores and race. The program examines how the affirmative action debate has become focused primarily on the issue of merit versus diversity. By following the stories of a diverse group of young people and their families as they struggle through the college application process, it puts a personal face to the ideological battle being waged on campuses and communities nationwide. (On PBS October 5 at 10pm – check local listings.)

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An American Love Story Resources

An American Love Story
September 12-16, 1999
This extraordinary 10 hour series is about a black man and a white woman who have struggled for thirty years against racial stereotypes and societal prejudice to keep their family together, revealing a complex and touching portrait of love, race, and family in America. Chronicling a year and a half in the life of the Wilson-Sims family, the series is a joyful testament to the everyday lives of this couple as they work, cope with illness, struggle with issues of money and raise their biracial children. (American Playhouse/ITVS/PBS; Director/Producer, Jennifer Fox)

DISTRIBUTOR: Docurama (home video) 800-314-8822 or National Video Resources "Viewing Race" Catalogue 212-274-1782; First Run/Icarus Films (educational) 800-876-1710.

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POV: Rabbit in the Moon
July 6, 1999
Like many Japanese Americans recently released from internment camps, the young Omori sisters did their best to erase the memories and scars of life under confinement. Fifty years later, acclaimed filmmaker Emiko Omori asks her older sister and other detainees to reflect on the personal and political consequences of internment. From the exuberant recollections of a “typical” teenager, to the simmering rage of citizens forced to sign loyalty oaths, Omori renders a poetic and illuminating picture of a deeply troubling chapter in American history. (This program is co-presented by NAATA, the National Asian American Telecommunications Association; Director: Emiko Omori)

DISTRIBUTOR: Transit Media, 22D Hollywood Avenue, Hohokus, NJ 07423; 800-343-5540.

facing the truth
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Facing the Truth with Bill Moyers
March 30, 1999
Facing the Truth tells the story of a nation-South Africa-engaged in the pursuit of truth about its past with the hope of creating respect for the rule of law and human rights. Whether South Africa succeeds is significant for all of Africa and for the United States, where thirty years after the death of Martin Luther King we are still groping to confront the issues of race. (Bill Moyers, Public Affairs Television/PBS)

DISTRIBUTOR: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, P.O. Box 2053, Princeton, NJ 08543; 800-257-5126.

beyond black and white
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Beyond Black and White:
Affirmative Action in America

March 23, 1999
Beyond Black and White will bring together a panel of experts to examine this complicated controversy. To end racism, is it first necessary to eliminate race as a factor in determining rewards-or punishments? Does affirmative action hurt those it is intended to help by calling into question the awards they genuinely earned? What might the future be like if affirmative action policies continued to be reversed until they don’t exist? If results-driven organizations like corporations and the army act on the conviction that diversity is central to their success, why shouldn’t public universities and other public institutions? Is it a principled matter of equity and justice or a practical matter of efficacy and demographics? The purpose of this special is to clarify the issues, focus the key questions, and point the way to constructive solutions to problems that will assume an ever more prominent place in our public agenda. (A Special from The Fred Friendly Seminars/PBS)

DISTRIBUTOR: PBS Video, 1320 Braddock Place, Alexandra, VA 22314; 800-344-3337.

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