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POV airs new independent documentaries on Monday nights during the summer and fall.

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The Storm Makers

An eye-opening look at the cycle of poverty, despair and greed that fuels human trafficking in Cambodia.

Point and Shoot

In 2006, Matt VanDyke left his home in search of a "crash course in manhood" and ended up amidst a revolution in the Middle East


Few have matched the bravado, combativeness and egocentricity that Ed Koch brought to the New York City Mayor's office during his three terms from 1978 to 1989.

Big Men

An unprecedented inside look at the global deal making and dark underside of energy development — a contest for money and power that is reshaping the world.

A World Not Ours

A passionate, bittersweet account of one family's multi-generational experience living as permanent refugees

Fallen City

After an earthquake levels Beichuan, China, a modern replica rises with astounding speed, but while a city can be rebuilt quickly, reconstructing a community's heart and soul is a long, emotional journey for the survivors.

Dance for Me

15-year-old Russian performer Egor leaves home and family to team up with 14-year-old Mie, one of Denmark's most promising young dancers.

Getting Back to Abnormal

What happens when America's most joyous, dysfunctional city rebuilds itself after a disaster?

When I Walk

Jason DaSilva was 25 years old and a rising independent filmmaker when a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis changed everything -- and inspired him to make another film.

American Promise

Two African-American boys at a prestigious private school.

Listening Is an Act of Love

Six stories from 10 years of StoryCorps.

Give Up Tomorrow

A riveting exposé of corruption and injustice in the Philippines, chronicling a sensational murder case that ends a nation's use of capital punishment — but fails to free an innocent man.

Brother Outsider

During his 60-year career as an activist, Rustin formulated many of the strategies that propelled the movement. But his open sexuality forced him to remain in the background.

5 Broken Cameras

Oscar®nominee 5 Broken Cameras depicts life in a West Bank village where a security fence is being built. The film was shot by a Palestinian and co-directed by an Israeli.


A veteran reporter and his colleagues at an independent newsweekly defy powerful drug cartels and corrupt officials to continue publishing the news.

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