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Twitch and Shout

PBS Premiere: July 11, 1995


Laurel Chiten shakes it up in more ways than one in an irreverent and humorous portrayal of people with the often misunderstood neurological disorder, Tourette Syndrome. With photojournalist Lowell Handler as a guide, we discover a mix of people who have turned adversity into a source of strength, coping not only with involuntary spasms, but with people's reactions to them.

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TAGS: epilepsy, tourette syndrome

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Film Information

Twitch and Shout

Premiere Date: July 11, 1995

Filmmaker: Laurel Chiten Bio


Laurel Chiten
Laurel Chiten

Critical Acclaim

A powerful blend of drama, humor and heart... Chiten reveals the full humanity of people who often live on the edge — and on the edges of society.”

Boston Globe Magazine

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