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Two Towns of Jasper

Premiere Date: January 22, 2003

Film Discussion Guide

Download the discussion guide for the documentary Two Towns of Jasper and use it for facilitating conversation about this film at home, in the classroom or at community screenings.

Two Towns of Jasper: Discussion Guide

Download: Full-color PDF

The unflinching candor of the black and white residents of Jasper depicted in Two Towns of Jasper can provide a starting point for dialogue and reflection about race relations and racial difference. As you watch this film, ask: What fences dividing my community need dismantling? Do I have personal prejudices that need to be overcome? What actions can I take as an individual that will affect positive change? Talking about race and confronting racism require individual as well as community action. Is your town Two Towns?

Download the discussion guide for Two Towns of Jasper:

Full-color PDF

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Film Information

Two Towns of Jasper (112 min.)

Premiere Date: January 22, 2003

Filmmakers: Whitney Dow, Marco Williams Bio | Interview


Whitney Dow
Whitney Dow
Marco Williams
Marco Williams

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