Watch POV Filmmaker Interviews
Laurent Bécue-Renard Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Laurent Bécue-Renard discusses the making of the film Of Men and War.
Related Film: Of Men and War
Filmmakers Kelly Duane De La Vega and Katie Galloway discuss the making of the film The Return.
Related Film: The Return
Andreas Johnsen Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Andreas Johnsen discusses the making of the POV documentary Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case.
Related Film: Ai Weiwei
Filmmakers Sam Cullman, Jennifer Grausman and Mark Becker on the making of the film, Art and Craft.
Related Film: Art and Craft
Mikaela Shwer Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Mikaela Shwer on the making of the POV documentary Don't Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie)
Zachary Heinzerling Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Zachary Heinzerling on the making of the POV documentary Cutie and the Boxer
Related Film: Cutie and the Boxer
Guillame Suon Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Guillaume Suon discusses the making of the POV documentary The Storm Makers.
Related Film: The Storm Makers
Marshall Curry Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Marshall Curry discusses the making of the POV documentary Point and Shoot.
Related Film: Point and Shoot
Anna Thommen Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Anna Thommen discusses the making of the POV documentary Neuland
Related Film: Neuland
hajooj kuka Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker hajooj kuka discusses the making of the POV documentary Beats of the Antonov
Related Film: Beats of the Antonov
Maite Alberdi Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Maite Alberdi discusses the making of the POV documentary Tea Time.
Related Film: Tea Time
Talal Derki Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Talal Derki discusses the making of the POV documentary Return to Homs.
Related Film: Return to Homs
Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia discuss the making of the POV documentary Web Junkie.
Related Film: Web Junkie
Stephanie Wang-Breal Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Stephanie Wang-Breal discusses the making of the POV documentary Tough Love.
Related Film: Tough Love
Jesse Moss Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Jesse Moss discusses the making of the film, The Overnighters.
Related Film: The Overnighters
blair dorosh-walther Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker blair dorosh-walther discusses the making of her film, Out in the Night.
Related Film: Out in the Night
Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson, two documentary filmmakers whose work has shown multiple times on POV, reflect on what first got them into the game, why they enjoy filmmaking, and how they adjust their filmmaking process with each production.
Related Film: Well-Founded Fear
Joshua Oppenheimer Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer on the making of his film The Act of Killing.
Related Film: The Act of Killing
Neil Barsky Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Neil Barsky discusses the making of his film Koch.
Related Film: Koch
Banker White and Anna Fitch Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers Banker White and Anna Fitch discuss the making of their film The Genius of Marian.
Related Film: The Genius of Marian
Lana Wilson and Martha Shane Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers Lana Wilson and Martha Shane discuss the making of their film After Tiller.
Related Film: After Tiller
Rachel Boynton Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Rachel Boynton discusses the making of her film, Big Men.
Related Film: Big Men
Mahdi Fleifel Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel discusses the making of his film, A World Not Ours.
Related Film: A World Not Ours
Nadine Pequeneza Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Nadine Pequeneza discusses the making of her film, 15 to Life, with POV co-executive producer Cynthia Lopez.
Related Film: 15 to Life
Qi Zhao Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Qi Zhao discusses the making of the POV documentary Fallen City.
Related Film: Fallen City
Katrine Philp Filmmaker Interviews
Katrine Philp discusses the making of her first feature documentary, the POV film Dance for Me.
Related Film: Dance for Me
Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, Peter Odabashian and Paul Stekler on the making of their new film Getting Back to Abnormal.
Niko von Glasow Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Niko von Glasow discusses the making of his film My Way to Olympia.
Related Film: My Way to Olympia
Grace Lee Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Grace Lee discusses the making of American Revolutionary with filmmaker Geoffrey Smith.
Jason DaSilva and Alice Cook Filmmaker Interviews
Jason DaSilva and Alice Cook discuss the making of the film When I Walk.
Related Film: When I Walk
Michèle Stephenson and Joe Brewster discuss their film 13 years in the making: American Promise.
Related Film: American Promise
Michael Apted Filmmaker Interviews
Michael Apted talks about the genesis of the Up series and why it has worldwide appeal.
Related Film: 56 Up
Katie Dellamaggiore Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Katie Dellamaggiore talks about the making of Brooklyn Castle, a documentary about a unique public school in Brooklyn that is a chess powerhouse.
Related Film: Brooklyn Castle
The filmmakers of Best Kept Secret discuss autism and the issues facing families dealing with the "aging out" process.
Related Film: Best Kept Secret
Nisha Pahuja Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Nisha Pahuja talks about her film that explores two extreme and contrasting paths for women in India.
Related Film: The World Before Her
Hugh and Anson Hartford Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers Hugh and Anson Hartford discuss their film about competitors at the Over 80 World Table Tennis Championships in China's Inner Mongolia.
Related Film: Ping Pong
Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi discuss the making of their film about life in a West Bank village.
Related Film: 5 Broken Cameras
Ra'anan Alexandrowicz Filmmaker Interviews
Israeli filmmaker Ra'anan Alexandrowicz discusses his film that examines the legal system behind Israel's occupation of the West Bank territories.
Adam Larsen Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Adam Larsen discusses his film about autism and recognizing "neurodiversity."
Related Film: Neurotypical
Stephen Maing Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Stephen Maing talks about two seemingly average Chinese citizens who find themselves reporting on censored news stories in and around China.
Related Film: High Tech, Low Life
Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet discuss the making of their film which follows three California teens through their senior year of high school.
Related Film: Only the Young
Nancy Schwartzman Filmmaker Interviews
Nancy Schwartzman discusses xoxosms, her short film about finding love online.
Related Film: xoxosms
Angad Bhalla Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Angad Bhalla discusses difficulties of making a film about a man in solitary confinement, and the issues at the heart of Herman's House.
Related Film: Herman's House
Fernand Melgar Filmmaker Interviews
Director Fernand Melgar discusses the immigration system in Switzerland in regards to people seeking political asylum and refugee status.
Related Film: Special Flight
Christine Turner Filmmaker Interviews
Christine Turner discusses the inspiration behind her moving film Homegoings, which takes a look at undertaking in the black community.
Related Film: Homegoings
A special POV panel of filmmakers at the Paley Center for Media talk about documenting the U.S. political system.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
A. Sabin and David Redmon Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers talk about the modeling industry and the making of their film, Girl Model.
Related Film: Girl Model
Bernardo Ruiz Filmmaker Interviews
Bernardo Ruiz discusses making Reportero, a documentary about Tijuana journalists risking everything to report on narco trafficking and political corruption.
Related Film: Reportero
Maya Stark and Adi Lavy Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers describe their reasons for making the film as well as the responsibility that comes with telling a personal and sensitive story in a documentary.
Related Film: Sun Kissed
Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco Filmmaker Interviews
Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco discuss the making of Give Up Tomorrow and challenges they faced with filming a subject on death row.
Related Film: Give Up Tomorrow
Natalia Almada Filmmaker Interviews
Natalia Almada describes the conception of El Velador, her aesthetic choices, and her creative production process which culminated in her visually striking and powerful film.
Jonathan Demme Filmmaker Interviews
Jonathan Demme talks about his portrait documentary of a woman from the Lower Ninth Ward.
Related Film: I'm Carolyn Parker
Theo Rigby Filmmaker Interviews
Theo Rigby discusses the impact of immigrant policy in the United States, and how his photography background influences his filmmaking aesthetic.
Related Film: Sin País
Robin Fryday Filmmaker Interviews
Robin Fryday discusses what inspired her to make her first film, The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement.
Erica Scharf Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Erica Scharf discusses how she became a part of the community in Navajo, NM, during the production of the documentary Up Heartbreak Hill.
Related Film: Up Heartbreak Hill
Julia Meltzer and Laura Nix Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers of 'The Light In Her Eyes' talk about their portrait of a leader, filmed before the start of the Syrian uprising, who challenges the women of her community to live according to Islam without giving up their dreams.
Related Film: The Light in Her Eyes
Julie Moggan Filmmaker Interviews
Julie Moggan talks about making a documentary about the romance novel industry and its avid readers.
Related Film: Guilty Pleasures
Ian Cheney Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Ian Cheney discusses how moving to New York City from rural Maine and discovering a night sky devoid of stars inspired him to make the documentary The City Dark.
Related Film: The City Dark
The filmmaking team behind 'Granito: How to Nail a Dictator' discuss the Guatemalan genocide and the way their previous film When the Mountains Tremble was able to provide key evidence for indicting generals who were responsible for the killings.
Related Film: Granito
Jennifer Fox Filmmaker Interviews
Acclaimed filmmaker Jennifer Fox discusses filming a documentary over the course of 20 years.
Related Film: My Reincarnation
Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson, two documentary filmmakers whose work has shown multiple times on POV, reflect on what first got them into the game, why they enjoy filmmaking, and how they adjust their filmmaking process with each production.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
George Stoney (2012) Filmmaker Interviews
Documentary legend George Stoney talks with one of his collaborators about why he collaborates on docs, what first brought him to the genre, and why he keeps making films.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Marshall Curry Filmmaker Interviews
Hear what it was like to make a documentary about "tweens" who are pursuing careers as NASCAR drivers.
Related Film: Racing Dreams
Heather Courtney Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Heather Courtney discusses Hancock, Michigan, and the logistics of filming in Afghanistan.
Lixin Fan Filmmaker Interviews
Lixin Fan talks about the lives of Chinese migrant workers that he chronicled in Last Train Home.
Related Film: Last Train Home
Ramona Diaz Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Ramona Diaz discusses the social costs and culture shock experienced by many immigrants.
Sam Cullman Filmmaker Interviews
Sam Cullman (If a Tree Falls) talks about radical environmentalism and counterterrorism efforts in the United States.
Related Film: If a Tree Falls
Marshall Curry Filmmaker Interviews
Marshall Curry discusses the former radical environmentalist who is the focal point of his film If A Tree Falls.
Related Film: If a Tree Falls
The filmmakers of Better This World discuss the use of FBI informants and political dissent in post-9/11 America.
Related Film: Better This World
Janus Metz Filmmaker Interviews
Janus Metz talks about the war in Afghanistan and the effects of war on the people who experience it firsthand.
Related Film: Armadillo
Lucy Bailey Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Lucy Bailey addresses the risks of filming white farmers in Zimbabwe for Mugabe and the White African.
Rob Lemkin Filmmaker Interviews
Rob Lemkin describes his co-director Thet Sambath and his ability to gain the trust of former Khmer Rouge killers.
Related Film: Enemies of the People
Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor describe the difficulties they encountered while making Sweetgrass as well as their distinctive aesthetic choices in the film.
Related Film: Sweetgrass
Robin Hessman Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Robin Hessman talks about living in Russia for most of the 1990s and how she found the characters in My Perestroika.
Related Film: My Perestroika
Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker Filmmaker Interviews
Acclaimed filmmakers of The War Room, and Kings of Pastry talk about filmmaking and their process.
Related Film: Kings of Pastry
If A Tree Falls: Q&A at Sundance Filmmaker Interviews
Directors Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman answer questions about "If A Tree Falls."
Related Film: If a Tree Falls
Granito: Q-and-A at Sundance Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers and activists answer questions about the new film Granito (POV 2012) at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Judith Helfand (2010) Filmmaker Interviews
Judith Helfand explains what inspired her to become a documentary filmmaker and what she finds compelling about telling personal stories on film.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Lourdes Portillo (2010) Filmmaker Interviews
Portillo sits down with POV Series Producer Yance Ford to discuss the filmmaking and storytelling process.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Alan Berliner (2010) Filmmaker Interviews
Berliner talks with POV Series Producer Yance Ford about his films and the importance of collage and serendipity in his work.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Veteran filmmakers talk about feminism, film, their collaborative process and share their advice with young filmmakers.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Veteran documentary filmmakers discuss their process and offer advice to new filmmakers.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Freida Lee Mock (2010) Filmmaker Interviews
Mock is an Academy and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who won the Oscar for the feature documentary Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, which premiered on POV in 1996.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith talk about the making of The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.
Ehrlich and Goldsmith talk about the making of The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.
Laura Poitras Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Laura Poitras talks about the making of The Oath.
Related Film: The Oath
Deann Borshay Liem Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Deann Borshay Liem talks about the making of In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee.
Nicole Opper and Sharese Bullock Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Nicole Opper and producer Sharese Bullock talk about how they met Avery, how they gained the trust of her family and what advice they would give to potential adoptive parents.
Related Film: Off and Running
Stephanie Wang-Breal Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Stephanie Wang-Breal talks about making Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy and how Fang Sui Yong turned into Faith Sadowsky.
Amy Hardie Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Amy Hardie talks about her family, her shamanic journey and the making of The Edge of Dreaming.
Related Film: The Edge of Dreaming
The Rauch Brothers Filmmaker Interviews
The Rauch Brothers talk about animating the StoryCorps shorts series.
Roberto Hernández and Layda Negrete talk about making the film and being "lawyers with cameras."
Related Film: Presumed Guilty
Natalia Almada Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Natalia Almada talks about El General, her poetic meditation on history, memory and family. Premieres Tuesday, July 20, on POV!
Related Film: El General
Landon Van Soest and Jeremy Levine Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers talk about international development, communities in Kenya and the paternalism of Western aid to the developing world.
Related Film: Good Fortune
Yoruba Richen Filmmaker Interviews
Yoruba Richen talks about the making of Promised Land and the legacy of apartheid in South Africa.
Related Film: Promised Land
Richard Wormser and Bill Jersey Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers Richard Wormser and Bill Jersey take a look back at their careers as documentarians and the role of the documentarian in society.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Marc Weiss Filmmaker Interviews
Series creator Marc Weiss describes why he created the POV series on PBS.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Alvarez and Kolker have been making documentaries for over 35 years. Their first film, American Tongues kicked off the POV series in 1988.
Related Film: Behind the Lens
Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers talk about making a film about their father, William Kunstler.
Related Film: William Kunstler
Agnès Varda Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmaker talks about making The Beaches of Agnès and what it was like to act in her own film.
Related Film: The Beaches of Agnès
Robert Kenner Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmaker talks about why Americans can't afford to eat the way they're eating now.
Related Film: Food, Inc.
Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly Filmmaker Interviews
The Way We Get By filmmakers talk about filming, family and what it means to send a loved one off to war.
Related Film: The Way We Get By
Yoni Brook and Musa Syeed Filmmaker Interviews
Yoni Brook and Musa Syeed talk about the making of the film.
Related Film: Bronx Princess
Annie P. Waldman Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Annie P. Waldman talks the three teenage subjects of her film, who live on their own in New Orleans two years after Hurricacne Katrina.
Tod Lending and David Mrazek Filmmaker Interviews
Tod Lending and David Mrazek talk about the making of their film.
Related Film: The Principal Story
Geoffrey Smith Filmmaker Interviews
Geoffrey Smith talks about The English Surgeon.
Related Film: The English Surgeon
Gemma Cubero and Celeste Carrasco Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers of Ella Es El Matador talk about why they made a film about female matadors.
Georgi Lazarevski Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Georgi Lazarevski talks about his film This Way Up.
Related Film: This Way Up
Jesse Epstein Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Jesse Epstein talks about mannequins, body image and whether we need to have an ideal of the "perfect" body.
Related Film: 34x25x36
Sam Green Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Sam Green talks about the depressing reality of being at the largest mall in the world.
Related Film: Utopia, Part 3
Nicholas Berger Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Nicholas Berger talks about why the battle between two species of squirrels also reflect ideas about war and imperialism.
Related Film: Nutkin's Last Stand
Kim Longinotto Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Kim Longinotto talks about her observational style of filmmaking and the extraordinary teachers at the Mulberry Bush School.
Filmmakers Ellen Kuras and Thavisouk Phrasavath talk about The Betrayal, which took them 23 years to complete.
The filmmakers of The Reckoning talk about the history of the movement for international justice and what they hope viewers will take away from their film.
Related Film: The Reckoning
Eric Daniel Metzgar Filmmaker Interviews
Eric Daniel Metzgar talks about filming his friend Jason Crigler for Life. Support. Music.
Related Film: Life. Support. Music.
Olivier Meyrou Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Olivier Meyrou talks about the Chenu family, and how he structured his film according to the form of mourning.
Related Film: Beyond Hatred
Jennifer Maytorena Taylor Filmmaker Interviews
Jennifer Maytorena Taylor talks about her subject, Hamza Pérez, and what she hopes viewers will take away from the film.
Related Film: New Muslim Cool
Eva Weber Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Eva Weber talks about taking the viewer hundreds of feet above the ground to glimpse the world of cranes.
Related Film: City of Cranes
Behind the Scenes with James Moll Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker James Moll talks about his film and how it allowed him to revisit the Holocaust from a perspective that hasn't been seen before.
Related Film: Inheritance
James Moll Filmmaker Interviews
Moll talks about the shortcomings of the conventional viewpoint on the Holocaust and impact of the Holocaust on future generations.
Related Film: Inheritance
Catherine Ryan and Gary Weimberg Filmmaker Interviews
Ryan and Weimberg talk about the post-WWII study that inspired them to make Soldiers of Conscience.
Yung Chang Filmmaker Interviews
Chang discusses filming in China and how he hopes his film is a microcosm for exploring the bigger issues related to China's modernization.
Related Film: Up the Yangtze
Joanna Rudnick Filmmaker Interviews
Rudnick talks about her 2009 Emmy-nominated film and her decision to get tested for the breast cancer gene.
Related Film: In the Family
Roger Weisberg Filmmaker Interviews
Weisberg discusses the flaws of the American health care system and his goals in making Critical Condition.
Related Film: Critical Condition
Tajima-Peña and Griego talk about the challenges of filming family in Calavera Highway.
Related Film: Calavera Highway
The filmmakers talk about how good people sometimes do bad things in the shadow of a totalitarian government.
Andrzej Fidyk Filmmaker Interviews
Andrzej Fidyk talks about his inspiration for Beluarisan Waltz and what he learned about his subject.
Related Film: Belarusian Waltz
Robert Elfstrom Filmmaker Interviews
Elfstrom discusses some key choices that went into his depiction of an American icon.
Related Film: Johnny Cash
Kazuhiro Soda Filmmaker Interviews
Kazuhiro Soda explains he hopes the cinema vérité style of the Peabody award-winning Campaign will engage viewers in the story of Kazuhiko "Yama-san" Yamauchi.
Related Film: Campaign
Ido Haar Filmmaker Interviews
Israeli filmmaker Haar talks about finding the Palestinian workers featured in his film, 9 Star Hotel, and about the Israeli reception to the film.
Related Film: 9 Star Hotel
Directors Valadez and Ibarra share what surprised them about sculptor John Hauser.
Related Film: The Last Conquistador
Kieran Fitzgerald Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Kieran Fitzgerald talks about the realities of the U.S.-Mexico border, and how protecting those Americans who live along the border should be the first priority of the U.S. government.
Katy Chevigny Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Katy Chevigny talks about her 2008 POV film, Election Day, which combines 11 stories — shot simultaneously on November 2, 2004, from dawn until long past midnight — into one.
Related Film: Election Day
Katrina Browne Filmmaker Interviews
First-time filmmaker Katrina Browne talks about the "unfinished business" of slavery in the United States and what she hopes viewers will take away from her film.
Related Film: Traces of the Trade
Freida Lee Mock (2007) Filmmaker Interviews
Academy-award winning filmmaker Freida Lee Mock (Maya Lin, POV 1996) talks about what it was like to follow Tony Kushner as he struggled to write the great American play.
Related Film: Wrestling With Angels
Michael Apted Filmmaker Interviews
Apted talks about the Up Series, a longitudinal documentary project that filmed a group of English children every seven years, beginning in 1964.
Related Film: 49 Up
Perlmutt and Walker talk about why they chose to focus their cameras on a group of Congolese women in order to shed light on the horrifying realities of the conflict in the Congo for a Western audience.
Related Film: Lumo
Anthony Giacchino Filmmaker Interviews
First-time filmmaker Giacchino says that he hopes The Camden 28 helps people to understand how the tactics the government used to infiltrate the Vietnam-era anti-war movement has implications today.
Related Film: The Camden 28
Carracedo and Bahar hope that their documentary film gives viewers the chance to experience the lives of garment workers and to better understand what they face in the sweatshops of L.A.
Related Film: Made in L.A.
The Libby, Montana filmmakers describe the devastating effects that asbestos poisoning has had on a community.
Related Film: Libby, Montana
Andrew Walton Filmmaker Interviews
Walton talks about the challenges of filming a reticent father and son in the tiny village of Old Crow, 80 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
Related Film: Arctic Son
Ralph Arlyck Filmmaker Interviews
Arlyck talks about the similarities and differences between himself and his subject Sean and, ultimately, between the Baby Boomer generation and Generation X.
Related Film: Following Sean
Katie Galloway and Po Kutchins Filmmaker Interviews
Galloway and Kutchins discuss the changing landscape of rural America over the past twenty years.
Related Film: Prison Town, USA
Eric Daniel Metzgar Filmmaker Interviews
Metzgar explains what makes his subject, turtle conservationist Richard Ogust, worth observing for a documentary filmmaker.
Marylou Tibaldo-Bongiorno Filmmaker Interviews
Tibaldo-Bongiorno talks about how she used the six days of rioting as a starting point for exploring the earlier neglect that had caused the tensions and frustrations of the people of Newark, New Jersey.
Related Film: Revolution '67
Towfighnia and Hermann explain how the film came about through the collaboration of American filmmakers and the Lakota people, and why that is important for viewers to know.
Related Film: Last Man Standing
Zach Niles and Banker White Filmmaker Interviews
Niles and White talk about how their film is an inspirational, uplifting story about Africa, which is unfortunately rare.
Anne Makepeace Filmmaker Interviews
Two-time POV filmmaker, Anne Makepeace (Baby, It's You, POV 1998), talks about how filming Rain in a Dry Land made her a more patriotic American.
Related Film: Rain in a Dry Land
Laura Poitras Filmmaker Interviews
Laura Poitras talks about the making of her Academy Award®-nominated film, My Country, My Country.
Funari and De La Torre talk about collaborating with their subjects in the making of Maquilapolis: City of Factories.
Related Film: Maquilapolis
Steven Delano Filmmaker Interviews
Delano discusses his transition from behind the lens to the front of it.
Thomas Allen Harris Filmmaker Interviews
Harris talks about his stepfather, Benjamin Pule Leinaeng, who was among the first wave of exiles to leave South Africa in 1960.
Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady Filmmaker Interviews
Ewing and Grady talk about how their film became a mission when the alternative school they were profiling closed its doors.
Related Film: The Boys of Baraka
Roger Weisberg Filmmaker Interviews
Weisberg talks about his mission as a filmmaker: to find the best stories he can to bring policy issues to life in order to make things better.
Related Film: Waging a Living
Natalia Almada Filmmaker Interviews
El General director Natalia Almada talks about the making of her first POV film, Al Otro Lado, and the impact of 'corrido' music.
Related Film: Al Otro Lado
Adele Horne Filmmaker Interviews
Horne recalls a cardboard record player she got in the mail when she was 8, and how it inspired The Tailenders.
Related Film: The Tailenders
Ellen Perry Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Ellen Perry discusses how she was drawn to the story of Alberto Fujimori, the ex-president of Chile, who she considers a tragic figure.
Related Film: The Fall of Fujimori
Anders Ostergaard Filmmaker Interviews
Østergaard talks about the making of Tintin and I.
Related Film: Tintin and I
Kenneth Eng and Alex Shear Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Kenneth Eng and producer Alex Shear explain how they used baseball as a way for American audiences to understand Japanese culture better.
Related Film: Kokoyakyu
Helene Klodawsky Filmmaker Interviews
Canadian filmmaker Helene Klodawsky discusses the importance of telling the story of war and conflict from the point of view of a woman.
Related Film: No More Tears Sister
Tod Lending Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Tod Lending talks about the making of Omar & Pete and how he got close to and gained the trust of two guys who have spent most of 30 years in prison.
Related Film: Omar & Pete
Mel Stuart Filmmaker Interviews
Stuart talks about what makes Rafe Esquith, the teacher in The Hobart Shakespeareans an exceptional subject.
Menachem Daum and Oren Rudavsky Filmmaker Interviews
Daum and Rudavsky talk about their motivations for making Hiding and Seeking, a film about a Polish family who saved Rudavsky's father during the Holocaust.
Related Film: Hiding And Seeking
Ross McElwee Filmmaker Interviews
McElwee talks about some of the themes that run through Bright Leaves and how the film is really about legacy and inheritance in a family and what home really means.
Related Film: Bright Leaves
Hubert Davis Filmmaker Interviews
Davis talks about the challenges involved with making a film about your own family.
Related Film: Hardwood
Jay Rosenblatt Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt talks about filming his young daughter, Ella, for this film, and the challenges of making a film about a child's development interesting for other viewers.
Jessica Yu Filmmaker Interviews
Yu says her film is about the inner world — and ultimately the mystery — of Henry Darger and the fact that we will never know the answers to the questions his art inspires.
Susan Stern Filmmaker Interviews
Stern talks about how her goal with the film is to help families to talk openly about end-of-life decisions.
Related Film: The Self-Made Man
Klaartje Quirijns Filmmaker Interviews
Quirijns talks about how she wants her audience to answer the question: Is Florin Krasniqi a freedom fighter or a terrorist?
Patrice O'Neill Filmmaker Interviews
O'Neill explores how it might be possible to strongly disagree with others in your community, but still be good neighbors.
Related Film: The Fire Next Time
Marshall Curry Filmmaker Interviews
Curry talks about the the dynamism of his two main characters, Newark Mayor Sharpe James and his challenger, Cory Booker.
Related Film: Street Fight
Jan Krawitz Filmmaker Interviews
Krawitz talks about going back to a subject she explored in the early '80s after the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act to see whether the lives of dwarfs had improved.
Related Film: Big Enough
Rosenblatt and Lipschutz talk about how their perspective — two liberal New Yorkers filming in the conservative Bible Belt — changed after making the Education of Shelby Knox.
Shola Lynch Filmmaker Interviews
Lynch hopes her film about the first African-American woman to run for president of the United States will be a springboard for discussion about democracy.
Related Film: Chisholm '72
Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk Filmmaker Interviews
Mylan and Shenk discuss the new realities of immigration in the 21st century and their hope that people will want to know the stories of immigrants in their own communities across the country.
Related Film: Lost Boys of Sudan
Jamie Stobie Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Jamie Stobie talks about the core group of activists who have fought to make America more accessible for people with disabilities.
Related Film: Freedom Machines
Al Bell and Mel Stuart Filmmaker Interviews
Executive producer Al Bell and filmmaker Mel Stuart talk about the making of Wattstax, which is sometimes called the "Black Woodstock."
Related Film: Wattstax
Jesse Moss Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Jesse Moss talks about the making of Speedo: A Demolition Derby Love Story and why he feels the film has spoken to audiences beyond the male race fan.
Related Film: Speedo
Aaron Matthews Filmmaker Interviews
Matthews talks about the arc of Pete O'Neal's life and how it personifies transformation and change.
Related Film: A Panther in Africa
Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold Filmmaker Interviews
Anderson and Gold talk about the three very different women profiled in their film who share the experience of having their child killed by the New York City police and of becoming fighters for social change.
Related Film: Every Mother's Son
Elizabeth Westrate Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Elizabeth Westrate talks about the making of A Family Undertaking, and why the film is about "thinking about death as a part of life."
Related Film: A Family Undertaking
Paul Stekler Filmmaker Interviews
Stekler talks about how he has spent over 20 years making documentaries about politics, and about how his most recent film explores the shift that has occurred in Texas politics over the past decade.
Related Film: Last Man Standing
Deborah Kaufman and Alan Snitow Filmmaker Interviews
Kaufman and Snitow talk about the making of Thirst, greed and what happens when people try to take control of their own communities.
Related Film: Thirst
Richard Kassebaum Filmmaker Interviews
Kassebaum hopes that his film will give viewers a sense of how special the Midwest is and the virtues of a small community unfolding at its own pace.
Related Film: Bill's Run
Tambini and Sandoval explain how Farmingville, their 2004 film about new immigrants in Long Island, is really the story of the making of America.
Related Film: Farmingville
Jennifer Dworkin Filmmaker Interviews
Dworkin describes the family she chronicled in Love & Diane and how she wanted the women to tell their own stories as much as possible, because its not a point of view we get to hear very often.
Related Film: Love & Diane
Elaine Epstein Filmmaker Interviews
Elaine Epstein discusses her film State of Denial, which reveals the human experience behind one of the world's greatest tragedies - the AIDS epidemic in South Africa
Related Film: State of Denial
Alex Rivera Filmmaker Interviews
Alex Rivera discusses his film The Sixth Section.
Related Film: The Sixth Section
Arthur Dong Filmmaker Interviews
Dong explores the culture wars between those who are fighting for gay civil rights and those who oppose them.
Related Film: Family Fundamentals
Lisette Marie Flanary and Evann Siebens talk about how they became interested in hula dancing.
Related Film: American Aloha
Juan Carlos Zalda­var Filmmaker Interviews
Zaldívar talks about the 90 miles between the United States and Cuba.
Related Film: 90 Miles
Jocelyn Glazer Filmmaker Interviews
Glatzer talks about the Arn Chorn-Pond, the subject of her powerful film about a boy who survived Pol Pot's Cambodia.
Related Film: The Flute Player
Patricia Flynn Filmmaker Interviews
Flynn says that through Denese's story we can open up a bigger historical story about what happened in Guatemala.
Related Film: Discovering Dominga
Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck Filmmaker Interviews
Birnbaum and Schermbeck talk about gaining the trust of the townspeople in making Larry v. Lockney.
Related Film: Larry v. Lockney
Annie Goldson Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Annie Goldson talks about the making of Georgie Girl, and why she thinks that Georgina's story is an encouraging parable for our times.
Related Film: Georgie Girl
Goode Bryant and Poitras talk about how the question of what happens when two historically oppressed groups try to live side by side in a community undergoing gentrification.
Related Film: Flag Wars
Whitney Dow and Marco Williams Filmmaker Interviews
Whitney Dow and Marco Williams describe what happened in Jasper, Texas after the dragging death of a black man by a white supremacist.
Related Film: Two Towns of Jasper
Nancy Kates and Sam Pollard (2003) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Nancy Kates and executive producer Sam Pollard describe the mark that Bayard Rustin left on America.
Related Film: Brother Outsider
Hannah Weyer (2002) Filmmaker Interviews
Hannah Weyer explains the struggle of receiving a quality education while growing up with a migrant farm-working family.
Related Film: Escuela
Lourdes Portillo (2002) Filmmaker Interviews
In this 2002 interview, filmmaker Lourdes Portillo describes the fear and silence she encountered during the making of Señorita Extraviada.
Related Film: Señorita Extraviada
Marlo Poras (2002) Filmmaker Interviews
Marlo Poras talks of the awe of American modernity which drew her main character to the U.S. as an exchange student, and what she learned when she got here.
Related Film: Mai's America
Leah Mahan (2002) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Leah Mahan describes the unconventional couple that inspired her film Sweet Old Song.
Related Film: Sweet Old Song
Slawomir Grünberg (2002) Filmmaker Interviews
Slawomir Grùnberg describes one of the main characters of his film Fenceline and the campaign she fought against a corporation.
Related Film: Fenceline
David E. Simpson and J.J. Hanley reveal a generation of women who were blamed for their childrens' autism.
Related Film: Refrigerator Mothers
Monteith McCollum (2002) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Monteith McCollum discusses his grandfather, the inspiration for his experimental documentary.
Related Film: Hybrid
Bryan Gunnar Cole (2002) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Bryan Gunnar Cole describes his childhood trips to a nearby Indian reservation to get fireworks for the Fourth of July and how they inspired him to make Boomtown later in life.
Related Film: Boomtown
Tasha Oldham (2002) Filmmaker Interviews
Tasha Oldham describes gaining trust from her subjects as well as the themes of loyalty and familial love.
Related Film: The Smith Family
The filmmakers of Promises talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the point of view of the children living on both sides.
Related Film: Promises
Maria Finitzo (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Maria Finitzo talks about being an adolescent girl growing up in today's world.
Related Film: 5 Girls
Frederick Wiseman (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Frederick Wiseman talks about his method for making films in relation to his documentary about a large high school in Philadelphia which he shot in 1968.
Stephanie Black (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Discussing globalization, Stephanie Black examines the central questions of her film Life and Debt.
Related Film: Life and Debt
Christopher McLeod and Malinda Maynor describe their film about Native American spiritual sites and Native American rights.
Emily Abt (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Emily Abt offers her personal experiences as motivation for making Take It From Me.
Related Film: Take It From Me
Mylène Moreno (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Mylène Moreno discusses femininity, football and fearlessness in her film True-Hearted Vixens.
Related Film: True-Hearted Vixens
Eric Paul Fournier (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Eric Paul Fournier discusses what it means to be an American and how it relates to the subject of Of Civil Wrongs and Rights.
Aaron Matthews (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Aaron Matthews provides a glimpse into contemporary immigrant life in this interview about his film My American Girls.
Related Film: My American Girls
Alan Berliner (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Alan Berliner offers a documentary about his own name as a way for people to learn more about their own names and what they mean.
Related Film: The Sweetest Sound
Tom Shepard (2001) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Tom Shepard talks about the boy who became the subject of the film Scout's Honor.
Related Film: Scout's Honor
Filmmakers Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt offer their views on the abortion provider shortage and the power of free speech and determined groups in our democratic system.
Related Film: Live Free or Die
Veronica Selver and Sharon Wood discuss the role of political media and the radio station described in KPFA On The Air.
Related Film: KPFA On the Air
Jasmine Dellal (2000) Filmmaker Interviews
Jasmine Dellal gained access to the Romani community in order to make American Gypsy and explains what it was like to gain access to a community which typically closes itself off from outsiders.
Related Film: American Gypsy
Lisanne Skyler (2000) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Lisanne Skyler talks about Las Vegas, aging and gambling in her film Dreamland.
Related Film: Dreamland
Stephen Olsson (2000) Filmmaker Interviews
Stephen Olsson charts his main character's journey home in Our House in Havana.
Related Film: Our House in Havana
Elizabeth Thompson (2000) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Elizabeth Thompson probes the questions and issues commonly not examined when looking at hate groups.
Related Film: Blink
Elizabeth Barret (2000) Filmmaker Interviews
Elizabeth Barret talks about the roles which media and those who make media play in the communities they work in.
Hannah Weyer (2000) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Hannah Weyer discusses the life of the main character in her film La Boda.
Related Film: La Boda
Doug Wolens (2000) Filmmaker Interviews
Doug Wolens describes how the overarching theme of his film Butterfly changed over the course of filming.
Related Film: Butterfly
Barbara Sonneborn (1999) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Barbara Sonneborn offers her look at the Vietnam War through the eyes of its widows.
Related Film: Regret to Inform
Slawomir Grünberg and Ben Crane discuss the inspiration for School Prayer: A Community at War.
Related Film: School Prayer
Lourdes Portillo (1999) Filmmaker Interviews
Lourdes Portillo explains the the cultural significance and legacy of Selena.
Related Film: Corpus
Emiko Omori (1999) Filmmaker Interviews
Emiko Omori offers her views on what it means to be an American, and how her film about the Japanese internment camps brings those views to light.
Related Film: Rabbit in the Moon
David Finn (1999) Filmmaker Interviews
David Finn talks about the inspiration for The Green Monster.
Related Film: The Green Monster
Ricki Stern (1999) Filmmaker Interviews
Ricki Stern talks about her film, In My Corner, and her hopes for inspiring viewers.
Related Film: In My Corner
Karen Eaton and Lucy Winer (1999) Filmmaker Interviews
Eaton and Winer describe the vivacity the woman who inspired their film, Golden Threads.
Related Film: Golden Threads
Michael J. Moore (1999) Filmmaker Interviews
Moore explains why he decided to make his film, The Legacy, about California's three strikes law.
Related Film: The Legacy
Macky Alston (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Alston discusses the importance of unearthing his family's slave owning past.
Related Film: Family Name
POV filmmakers discuss their short film about Dorothy Allison that aired in 1998.
Ellie Lee (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Lee explains why she decided to make her short film, Repetition Compulsion, and the huge difficulties she faced in making it.
Elizabeth Schub (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Elizabeth Schub talks about the girl who became the subject of her film Cuba 15.
Related Film: She Shorts: Cuba 15
Ellen Bruno (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Bruno discusses the emotional content which she seeks to bring to light in her film about the thriving sex industry in Thailand, Sacrifice.
Related Film: Sacrifice
Maren Monsen (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Maren Monsen, physician and filmmaker, discusses how her work in modern day medicine pushed her to make The Vanishing Line.
Related Film: The Vanishing Line
Susan Stern (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Reporter turned filmmaker Susan Stern rips the roof off Barbie's "Dreamhouse" and explores the history and fantasy behind this unlikely cultural icon.
Related Film: Barbie Nation
Walter Brock Filmmaker Interviews
Walter Brock says that most films about persons with disability tend to invoke pity or make heroes of their subjects. He explains why If I Can't Do It does neither.
Related Film: If I Can't Do It
Spencer Nakasako (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Spencer Nakasako talks about "1.5 generation" of the Vietnam War and what inspired him to make a film about them.
Related Film: Kelly Loves Tony
Arthur Dong (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Arthur Dong discusses the inspiration and goals of his documentary Licensed to Kill.
Related Film: Licensed to Kill
Filmmakers Eren McGinnis and Christine Fugate discuss the tobacco farmers who inspired their film.
Related Film: Tobacco Blues
David Zeiger (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
In this "Behind the Lens" interview, David Zeiger discusses making a film about high school students.
Related Film: The Band
Anne Makepeace (1998) Filmmaker Interviews
Anne Makepeace discusses the inspiration for her autobiographical film about her and her husband's efforts to have a child.
Related Film: Baby It's You
The filmmakers talk about 'Blacks and Jews' and describe how they wanted to highlight the differing voices in both communities when it came to racial conflicts.
Related Film: Blacks and Jews
Jane Wagner (1997) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Jane Wagner talks about why she and her filmmaking partner, Tina DiFeliciantonio, decided to make this film about a group of teenage girls in South Philadelphia.
Related Film: Girls Like Us
Freida Lee Mock (1996) Filmmaker Interviews
In this interview recorded in 1996, Mock talks about her portrait of an artist dealing with war and history, and how she feels art has the power to heal.
Related Film: Maya Lin
Martha Olson and Jim Klein Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers discuss uncovering the story of public transportation and the rise of our car culture.
Related Film: Taken for a Ride
Filmmaker Spencer Nakasako and Sokly Ny (the subject of a.k.a. Don Bonus) describe the circumstances that brought about the making of the film.
Related Film: a.k.a. Don Bonus
Helena Solberg Filmmaker Interviews
Helena Solberg describes what attracted her to making a film about Carmen Miranda.
Related Film: Carmen Miranda
Gaylen Ross Filmmaker Interviews
Gaylen Ross talks about her film and the way her reaction to precious stones was very different from the people's she was profiling.
Related Film: Dealers Among Dealers
Sandra Sunrising Osawa Filmmaker Interviews
Sandra Sunrising Osawa examines how the Chippewa Indians of Northern Wisconsin have struggled to restore the centuries-old tradition of spearfishing - and the heated opposition they have encountered.
Related Film: Lighting the 7th Fire
George Stoney and Judith Helfand describe a challenge they faced in making The Uprising of '34.
Related Film: The Uprising of '34
Deborah Hoffmann (1995) Filmmaker Interviews
Deborah Hoffmann talks about the humor she found in the subject of Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter.
Fax Bahr and George Hickenlooper Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers talk about discovering the story behind the making of 'Apocalypse Now.'
Related Film: Hearts of Darkness
Eric Scholl and Cyndi Moran Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers talk about how their role as independents helped them uncover a much more complete story than those presented in traditional media outlets.
Ross McElwee (1994) Filmmaker Interviews
McElwee talks about the large amount of media surrounding the Baby Boomer Generation entering their 40s.
Related Film: Time Indefinite
Jonathan Demme (1993) Filmmaker Interviews
Jonathan Demme tells the story of how he learned of the waves his cousin was making in his community.
Related Film: Cousin Bobby
Mickey Lemle Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmaker talks about how the Dalai Lama's charisma was what led him to making Compassion in Exile.
Related Film: Compassion In Exile
Peter Friedman Filmmaker Interviews
Peter Friedman talks about how he tried to capture the spirits of the two men at the center of 'Silverlake Life.'
Related Film: Silverlake Life
The filmmakers talk about recent and past political campaigns in Louisiana, their hopes for the film and the state of documentary filmmaking in the early 1990s.
Related Film: Louisiana Boys
Marlon Riggs (1991) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Marlon Riggs discusses his hesitancy at stepping in front of the camera for his landmark film Tongues Untied.
Related Film: Tongues Untied
Gordon Quinn and Jerry Blumenthal Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmakers Gordon Quinn and Jerry Blumenthal discuss their film Golub.
Related Film: Golub
Co-directors Albert Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin explain the goals they set out with when making Salesman.
Related Film: Salesman
Christopher Beaver and Judy Irving Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmakers talk about their goals to create a personal story about the nuclear age, which made their film very controversial at the time of its release.
Related Film: Dark Circle
Renee Tajima (1989) Filmmaker Interviews
Filmmaker Renee Tajima describes the many points of view she encountered while probing a murder in Detroit.
Errol Morris (1988) Filmmaker Interviews
Errol Morris discusses the making of the documentary Gates of Heaven, a somewhat unusual film about pet cemeteries.
Related Film: Gates of Heaven
Terry Zwigoff Filmmaker Interviews
The filmmaker talks about how he discovered Harold "Louie Bluie" Armstrong.
Related Film: Louie Bluie