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Behind the Lens: Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson

Two legendary filmmakers reflect on their careers traveling around the world to tell people's stories.

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The Sixth Section: Filmmaker Interview
Alex Rivera Filmmaker Interviews

Alex Rivera discusses his film The Sixth Section.

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Golub: Filmmaker Interview

Filmmakers Gordon Quinn and Jerry Blumenthal discuss their film Golub.

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The Act of Killing: Filmmaker Interview
Joshua Oppenheimer Filmmaker Interviews

Filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer on the making of his film The Act of Killing.

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Koch: Filmmaker Interview
Neil Barsky Filmmaker Interviews

Filmmaker Neil Barsky discusses the making of his film Koch.

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The Genius of Marian: Filmmaker Interview

Filmmakers Banker White and Anna Fitch discuss the making of their film The Genius of Marian.

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After Tiller: Filmmaker Interview
Lana Wilson and Martha Shane Filmmaker Interviews

Filmmakers Lana Wilson and Martha Shane discuss the making of their film After Tiller.

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Big Men: Filmmaker Interview
Rachel Boynton Filmmaker Interviews

Filmmaker Rachel Boynton discusses the making of her film, Big Men.

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