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My Way to Olympia: Filmmaker Interview
Niko von Glasow Filmmaker Interviews

Filmmaker Niko von Glasow discusses the making of his film My Way to Olympia with filmmaker Geoffrey Smith.

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American Revolutionary: Filmmaker Interview
Grace Lee Filmmaker Interviews

Filmmaker Geoffrey Smith interviews filmmaker Grace Lee on the making of American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs.

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When I Walk: Filmmaker Interview
Jason DaSilva and Alice Cook Filmmaker Interviews

Jason DaSilva and Alice Cook discuss the making of the film When I Walk.

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American Promise: Filmmaker Interview

Michèle Stephenson and Joe Brewster discuss their film 13 years in the making: American Promise.

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56 Up: Filmmaker Interview
Michael Apted Filmmaker Interviews

Michael Apted talks about the genesis of the Up series and why it has worldwide appeal.

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Brooklyn Castle: Filmmaker Interview
Katie Dellamaggiore Filmmaker Interviews

Filmmaker Katie Dellamaggiore talks about the making of Brooklyn Castle, a documentary about a unique public school in Brooklyn that is a chess powerhouse.

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Best Kept Secret: Filmmaker Interview

The filmmakers of Best Kept Secret discuss autism and the issues facing families dealing with the "aging out" process.

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The World Before Her: Filmmaker Interview
Nisha Pahuja Filmmaker Interviews

Filmmaker Nisha Pahuja talks about her film that explores two extreme and contrasting paths for women in India.

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