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Project VoiceScape

A partnership with Adobe Youth Voices, PBS and POV to mentor today's best young documentary filmmakers.

The Fifth Star

Follow Naomi as she explores the story of women receiving the right to vote in Washington State 100 years ago.

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Rose Rosenblatt

POV Film - Live Free or Die and The Education of Shelby Knox

Rose Rosenblatt wears multiple hats as a producer, director and editor for Incite Pictures/Cine Qua Non, a partnership with Marion Lipschutz that is dedicated to producing media that educates and entertains the general public. Projects include The Education of Shelby Knox, which won Best Cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival as well as dozens of other awards, including the Audience Award at SXSW and the Jury Award at The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The film had its national broadcast premiere on POV (2005) and screened at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, as did Live Free or Die (POV 2000), a film about a small town-doctor. Other PBS credits include the mini-series "Fatherhood USA." Cable credits include "The Trenchcoat Gang" for truTV and "Code Blue: New Orleans" for The Learning Channel. Rosenblatt and Lipschutz recently won the Freedom of Expression Award and the Full Frame Women in Leadership Award.

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Marion Lipschutz

POV Film - Live Free or Die and The Education of Shelby Knox
Marion Lipschutz is a producer, director and writer for Incite Pictures and Cine Qua Non, a not-for-profit company. In partnership with Rose Rosenblatt, she produced two POV programs: The Education of Shelby Knox, which launched the 2005 POV season, and Live Free or Die, which aired on POV as an election special in 2000. Other credits include "The Abortion Pill," about the controversy over the French drug RU 486; "Fatherhood USA," a PBS mini-series exploring contemporary fatherhood; four shows in a TLC series about Charity Hospital in New Orleans; and "The Trenchcoat Gang" for Court TV (now truTV), about the two most successful bank robbers in U.S. history. In addition to awards specific to their films, Lipschutz and Rosenblatt recently won the Freedom of Expression Award and the Full Frame Women in Leadership Award.

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Local Partner

Reel Grrls

Reel Grrls empowers young women from diverse communities to realize their power, talent and influence through media production. Our mission is to cultivate voice and leadership in girls at a vulnerable age in their development. What distinguishes our program is the high-level of support that our female mentors offer and the high level of commitment that we ask for in return. Our participants don't just drop into a computer lab after school — they develop lasting relationships with women filmmakers and learn skills that propel them to leadership roles in their community, college scholarships, and careers in the media industry.

About Malory Graham (Executive Director): Malory earned her BA in video production/media arts from Hampshire College and has been an independent media artist and instructor in Switzerland and throughout the Puget Sound region since 1990. She has been an artist-in-residence with the King County Arts Commission, The Bellevue Art Museum, The King County Solid Waste Division and The Seattle Center Academy working in over 50 schools in the Northwest. She has also offered teacher training in media literacy & production through The WA State Office of Public Instruction and the University of Washington. She founded the youth media program at 911 Media Arts Center in 1997. She started the Reel Grrls program in 2001 and has been its director ever since. She also holds a 5th degree black belt in the Japanese martial art of aikido.

About Lila Kitaeff (Technical Director): Lila Kitaeff is an award-winning filmmaker and video editor. She has been with Reel Grrls since 2003 working as a mentor and instructor, and currently serves as Technical Director for the organization. Lila has been active as a cinematographer and editor with Independent Media Centers throughout the United States and Mexico, and worked on Production and Post-Production for "Granito De Arena," winner of several awards including Best Documentary at the International Documentary Festival in Venezuela. The most recent film she worked on, the short experimental art documentary "Dark Material," was recipient of two Jury Awards in the International Documentary Challenge, including Best Editing.

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