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POV Season 32
Feature Film | 03/23/2020 | 90 Mins

In a rehabilitation shelter in Ghana, two children are recovering from enslavement to fishermen. But their story takes an unexpected turn when their rescuer embarks on another mission and asks the children for help. Charting the unfolding drama, The Rescue List tells a moving story of friendship and courage—transcending tropes of victimhood and illustrating what it means to love and survive.

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POV believes in the power of film to engage communities in dialogue around the most pressing social issues of our time. Use one of the film’s accompanying resources to learn about the issues and get involved. Visit the POV Community Network to browse films available for screenings.

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Film Credits —

  • Alyssa Fedele
  • Zachary Fink

Critical Acclaim —

“[S]ure to stir conversation as well as emotion... [The Rescue List] will open audience’s eyes to larger problems of child abuse and exploitation that pervade too many countries around the globe”

— Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter