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Directed by
Mel Stuart

Produced by
Larry Shaw
Mel Stuart

Executive Producers
Al Bell
David L. Wolper

Associate Producer
Forest Hamilton, Hnic.

Rev. Jesse Jackson
Tommy Jacquette
Mafundi Institute
Rev. Jesse Boyd
Teddy Stewart

Richard Thomas
John W. Smith
Sylvester Williams
Carol Hall

Roderick Young

Robert Marks
Jose Mignone
Larry Clark

Concert Photography
John Alonzo-D.P.
David Blewitt
Robert Grant

Hal Grier
Roy Lewis
Howard Morehead
Joe Wilcotts

Edited by
Robert K. Lambert

David Newhouse
David Blewitt

Location Sound
Richard Wells

Asst. Cameramen
Joseph Calloway
Rick Mention
Lucian Smith
Michael Clark

Asst. Editors
Edward Fantl
Chuck Montgomery

Additional Location Sound
Leroy Joseph
Ed Rue
Thomas Washington

Sound Consultants
Ivan Kruglak
Bruce Bizans

Concert Equipment
Cerwin Vega-P.A.
Acoustic Control Corp.

Assistant Director
Charles Washburn

Concert Unit Director
Sid McCoy

Concert Unit Supervisors
Rick Holmes
Buster Jones
Larry McCormick

Johnny Williams
Wesley Buford

Production Coordinator
David Oyster

Music Supervisor
Terry Manning

Sound Effects

Music Editor
Neiman-Tillar Assoc.

Production Assistants
Lou Harris
Mathew Ford

Production executive
Conrad Holzgang

Bea Dennis

Post Production Supervisor
Philly Wylly

Research Assistant
Alex Pomasonoff

Samuel Goldwyn Studio

Cinema Research

Copyright © 1972 Wolper Pictures & Stax Films Inc
All Rights Reserved

Music Recording
Wally Heider, Inc.

Gabriel Gradney
Artie King

Production Associates
Cassius Weathersby
Jet Set, Inc
Boom Boom
J.D. Of Hollywood

Concert Artist Staging
Melvin Van Peebles.
Yeah, Inc.

Music Conductor
Dale Warren

Acey Dcey

Production Staff
Jim Stewart
Johnny Baylor
Gary Holmes/Mind Benders

Humanities International
Edward Windsor Wright

Starring (In Order of Performance)
The Dramatics
"What You See Is What You Get"

The Staple Singers
"Oh La De Da"
"We The People"
"Respect Yourself"

Kim Weston
"Star Spangled Banner"
"Lift Every Voice & Sing"

Jimmy Jones
"Someone Greater Than You & I"

Rance Allen Group
"Lying On The Truth"

The Emotions
"Peace Be Still"

William Bell
Louise Mccord
Debra Manning
Eric Mercury

Freddy Robinson
Lee Sain
Ernie Hines
Little Sonny
Eddie Floyd
Frederick Knight

"Old Time Religion"

Bar Kays
"Son of Shaft"

Albert King
"I'll Sing The Blues For You"

Little Milton
"Walking The Backstreet & Crying"

Johnnie Taylor

Mel & Tim
"I May Not Be What You Want"

Carla Thomas
"Picking Up The Pieces"

Rufus Thomas
"Funky Chicken"

Luther Ingram
"If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right"

Isaac Hayes

Our Special Thanks to
Richard Pryor
Raymond Allen
Elizabeth Cleveland
Andre Edwards
Patricia Henley
Eric Kilpatrick
Ernest King
Michael Gibson
Ted Lange
The Black People Who Made Themselves Heard

A Production Of
Stax Films
Wolper Productions Inc.