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Point of View: Watching "Wattstax"

Cultural critics and historians explore the deeper currents in the film.

Wattstax - Thulani DavisThulani Davis, Author
"Wattstax is such a hot, upbeat, candid, funny, poignant and richly entertaining film I was halfway through it before a question arose. Is this still possible? " | Read more »

Ed Guerrero Ed Guerrero, Film Critic
"With the end of the '60s and turn of the decade, one of the sites where this fresh rebellious sense of black politics and identity came to full expression was in mainstream popular culture..." | Read more »

Craig H. Werner Craig H. Werner, Music Historian
"If you're looking for a single image to sum up the impact of Black Power on America, you can't do better than the moment when Jesse Jackson introduces Isaac Hayes..." | Read more »

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